I have lost my and reverted back to So I recognized I have not been active here on the I hope to change that.

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After a tremendous amount of difficulties trying to retain my .com I have reverted back to blogger until I can find a new .com home.

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Warp Drive and Aliens: The Scientific Perspective

Warp drive and aliens: The Scientific Perspective

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An Experience, with the Big Bang?

Suddenly it was completely clear. I could understand it! It was an unbelievably complex, yet self-explanatory evolution of concentric patterns growing out of concentric patterns; like self-generating, hyper-dimensional mandalas recursively blossoming, like flowers, out of the centers of previous hyper-dimensional mandalas, ad infinitum, but with a single point of origin from where it all emanated. This point of origin, this Source of it all, however, remained elusive: hidden behind the layers of wonders growing outwards from it. Somehow, the way new patterns unfolded and evolved was already entirely encoded in, and determined by, the very shapes, angles, and proportions entailed by previous patterns, so that no new primary information was ever added to the thing as it evolved. The entire story was already fully contained in it from the very beginning, and it was simply unpacking and manifesting itself in all its indescribable glory. It was a thing of startling power and beauty, yet put together with a level of sophistication and perfection that goes way beyond anything I could compare it to. … This was the answer to the question that haunted me my entire life: … One simply needed to “look” at it with the mind’s eye to know that this is how reality came to being; this is how nature was formed. … All of reality seems to be the unfolding of a thought pattern in the imagination. Dreamed Up Reality by Bernardo Kastrup

See: The Symbolic Big Bang

See Also:Fractals and Antennas

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Exoplanet Webcast

In her Nov. 6 talk at Perimeter Institute, astrophysicist and author Elizabeth Tasker will take audiences for a speculative stroll through a few of the alien worlds we’ve discovered in the galaxy, and ponder whether someone else may already call them home.

See:Homes away from home: a live webcast on exoplanets

You can move ahead to around 13.16 to start the program if in a hurry.

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Music of the Universe

“In a special public lecture webcast at Perimeter Institute on October 23, 2019, Gabriela González will provide a first-hand account of LIGO’s century-in-the-making breakthrough, and explain observations made as recently as this year. González, a professor of physics and astronomy at Louisiana State University and former spokesperson of the LIGO collaboration, will take the audience on a journey to some of the universe’s most violent places, and explain how such distant events can lead to a very bright future here on Earth.”
See: Music of the Universe: Gabriela González public lecture

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Cern: Want to know what we do underground when the LHC is being upgraded?

Cern: Want to know what we do underground when the LHC is being upgraded? Watch an immersive experience in 360° from the underground CMS Experiment cavern to watch an international team of scientists, engineers and technicians insert precious pieces of newly developed technology.

See: 360° from the CMS cavern at CERN – 8K

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Communal Intelligence: A Talk By Seth Lloyd

By Dmitry RozhkovOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

We haven’t talked about the socialization of intelligence very much. We talked a lot about intelligence as being individual human things, yet the thing that distinguishes humans from other animals is our possession of human language, which allows us both to think and communicate in ways that other animals don’t appear to be able to. This gives us a cooperative power as a global organism, which is causing lots of trouble. If I were another species, I’d be pretty damn pissed off right now. What makes human beings effective is not their individual intelligences, though there are many very intelligent people in this room, but their communal intelligence.See: Communal Intelligence

To arrive at the edge of the world’s knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves.See: Edge Cast

Also See: The

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Microsoft Alternatives project (MAlt)

The Microsoft Alternatives project (MAlt) started a year ago to mitigate anticipated software license fee increases. MAlt’s objective is to put us back in control using open software. It is now time to present more widely this project and to explain how it will shape our computing environment.

Microsoft Alternatives project (MAlt)

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Guest Post: A conversation with Lee Smolin about his new book "Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution"

Smolin is a faculty member at the Perimeter Institute for
Theoretical Physics in Canada and adjunct professor at the University of
Waterloo. He is one of the founders of loop quantum gravity. In the
past decades, Smolin
’s interests have drifted to the role of time in the laws of nature and the foundations of quantum mechanics.

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