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Theoretical Excellence

Although Aristotle in general had a more empirical and experimental attitude than Plato, modern science did not come into its own until Plato’s Pythagorean confidence in the mathematical nature of the world returned with Kepler, Galileo, and Newton. For instance, … Continue reading

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Solidification of Geometrical Presence

While I might infer the “attributes of Coxeter here,” it is with the understanding such a dimensional perspective which has it’s counterpart in the result of what manifests as matter creations. Yet we have taken our views down to the … Continue reading

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Pasquale Del Pezzo and E8 Origination?

“I’m a Platonist — a follower of Plato — who believes that one didn’t invent these sorts of things, that one discovers them. In a sense, all these mathematical facts are right there waiting to be discovered.“Donald (H. S. M.) … Continue reading

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IN Search of Mandelstam’s Holy Grail

There are two posts that reflect the purpose of this post today. One is Clifford’s linked through Lee Smolin’s comment and the other, at Backreaction. Good Physics is Conflict A lot of you may never understand the significance of the … Continue reading

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Ways IN which To Percieve Landscape?

What a Cosmologist Wants from a String Theorist? Emotion versus Reason? 3.1 As Cytowic notes, Plato and Socrates viewed emotion and reason as in a kind of struggle, one in which it was vitally important for reason to win out. … Continue reading

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Special holonomy manifolds in string theory

So what instigated my topic today and Hypercharge make sits way for me to reconsider, so while doing this the idea of geoemtries and th eway in which we see this uiverse held to the nature of it’s origination are … Continue reading

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Foundational Mathematics and Physics?

I reproduce the post written below to Peter’s Quantum Gravity Commentary because that basis of determinations supported by John Baez, introduces a new line of thinking, that as a layman, forces me to think about mathematics and physics in their … Continue reading

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B Field Manifestations

Ah what the heck……I’ll bite….let the skeptics converge in a harmonic convergence:) Nigel Hitching Sylvester Surfaces and the B field? Are you a “gold fish” or a “Ant world person?” Are you a pigeon? Have you sent your vision into … Continue reading

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Special Lagrangian geometry

Dr. Mark Haskins On a wider class of complex manifolds – the so-called Calabi-Yau manifolds – there is also a natural notion of special Lagrangian geometry. Since the late 1980s these Calabi-Yau manifolds have played a prominent role in developments … Continue reading

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For me this is a wonderful view of abstraction, that had gone into model making, to help those less inclined to “the visonistic qualities of those same abstractions.” Shown here are the models in the mathematical wunderkammer located in the … Continue reading

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