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A General Guide to Harmonic Analysis and Beyond

Thanks to Clifford of Asymptotia for the Link too, and from Good Vibration Some of us do look toward these analogies as signs of Complexity science, so as to apply this thinking to the life they lead. How such implementations … Continue reading

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Cymatics and the Heart Song

I think one has to wonder with such diversities of souls who have entered this world, such distinctions of being identified as a “emergent product of all souls” might have a distinctive element with which lives could have been choreographed. … Continue reading

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ta kymatika

……in Greek means “matters pertaining to waves.” Or in Hans Jenny’s case Cymatics. There were other images which mirrored biological forms and natural processes, as well as flowers, mandalas and intricate geometric designs – all this the result of audible … Continue reading

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Past Life Bleed Throughs?

In studying over the many years, certain concepts and ideas brought from other cultures stayed with me of course, while I explored the dream world enviroment on my own. The idea here is that similar patterns used in construction of … Continue reading

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