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The Quantum Harmonic Oscillator

Quantum Harmonic Oscillator   Here are a series of written Blog entries by Matt Strassler from his Blog, Of Particular Significance. Ball on a Spring (Classical) Ball on a Spring (Quantum) Waves (Classical Form) Waves (Classical Equation of Motion) Waves … Continue reading

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A General Guide to Harmonic Analysis and Beyond

Thanks to Clifford of Asymptotia for the Link too, and from Good Vibration Some of us do look toward these analogies as signs of Complexity science, so as to apply this thinking to the life they lead. How such implementations … Continue reading

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Fear and Ignorance

This is a very significant physical result because it tells us that the energy of a system described by a harmonic oscillator potential cannot have zero energy. Physical systems such as atoms in a solid lattice or in polyatomic molecules … Continue reading

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GRand Quantum Conjecture

My continued looked into the “fluids dynamics” had me wonder about the superfluid anomalies. How would the “sphere look” if it collapsed and allowed information to travel through it, based on what has been given here for perspective, when the … Continue reading

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Harmonics will Color Your World?

If you are a active participator of the very world around you, how is it, the makeup of high energy particle creations could not have included the standard model make up “harmonically described” does it not also apply to our … Continue reading

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Harmonic Oscillation

This “math sense” has to become part of one’s makeup? An inductive process. Experimentally challenged. Deductive. If such a idea is held from weak to strong idealizations in terms of comological views, then you get this sense of “energy valuations” … Continue reading

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Could "Chaos" have been Implied in the Quantum Harmonic Oscillator, as Supersymmetry?

See:Quantum Harmonic Oscillators Fortunately being the junior here in knowledge comprehension, the benefits, as of my having wrongly thought a certain way, allows “fantasy a great journey.” I have wondered, could I have ever attained such insights that would awaken … Continue reading

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Quantum Harmonic Oscillator

Let us see how these great physicists used harmonic oscillators to establish beachheads to new physics. Albert Einstein used harmonic oscillators to understand specific heats of solids and found that energy levels are quantized. This formed one of the key … Continue reading

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