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Music of the Quantum

The weird quantum nature of the atomic world challenges us to revise the way we view the world around us. We learn that our everyday world – built out of the myriad superposition of matter waves, has an unexpected capacity … Continue reading

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Cassiopeia A

In conclusion, we have a rich panorama of experiments that all make use of neutrinos as probes of exotic phenomena as well as processes which we have to measure better to gain understanding of fundamental physics as well as gather … Continue reading

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Physicists Discover How to Entangle at High Temperatures

While I do not just like to echo in the world of information it is important to me to see how we can use entanglement to give us information about quantum gravity. Is it possible? Entanglement is the weird quantum … Continue reading

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Macroscopic Similarities in a Microscopic World

Berkeley Lab Technology Dramatically Speeds Up Searches of Large DatabasesJon Bashor In the world of physics, one of the most elusive events is the creation and detection of “quark-gluon plasma,” the theorized atomic outcome of the “Big Bang” which could … Continue reading

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Pushing Back Time

Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/PSU/S.Park & D.Burrows.; Optical: NASA/STScI/CfA/P.Challis February 24, 2007 marks the 20th anniversary of one of the most spectacular events observed by astronomers in modern times, Supernova 1987A. The destruction of a massive star in the Large Magellanic Cloud, … Continue reading

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SuperCritical Fluid

What choice do I have but to quote myself.:) At 11:47 AM, January 09, 2009, Blogger Plato said… Superfluous is a mathematical construct for sure. Continuity, asked not from the condense matter theorist point of view as Jacque’s remind, or, … Continue reading

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Is the LHC Leaking Energy?

This is not to bring “the doom and gloom of micro blackhole creation” into the picture although I do see that the QGP arrived at can bring other perspectives forward, that would relegate questions to my mind. For instance. So … Continue reading

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The Extra Dimensions in the LHC

String Theorists, for a million bucks, do you think you can answer “the question” and it’s applicability? Now it should be clear here that while I speak of extra dimensions I am referring to that energy that is not accountable, … Continue reading

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MIT physicists create new form of matter by Lori Valigra, Special to MIT News Office June 22, 2005 A superfluid gas can flow without resistance. It can be clearly distinguished from a normal gas when it is rotated. A normal … Continue reading

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Polar Flips

Sometimes it is necessary to see the deep impact a thought could have as we try to understand the implications of a “sphere dropped in a viscously liquid” that we might find another correlation in how we see the photon … Continue reading

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