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Embodied Cognition and iCub

An iCub robot mounted on a supporting frame. The robot is 104 cm high and weighs around 22 kg An iCub is a 1 metre high humanoid robot testbed for research into human cognition and artificial intelligence. Systems that perceive, … Continue reading

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Google Search Charcters: Eliza and The Wayback Machine

Life must be understood backwards; but… it must be lived forward.Soren Kierkegaard Now this quote above by Soren is not just an application, to a point of view, but of an idea about what we can funnel through and forward … Continue reading

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Marshall McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan in the early 1970s Born July 21, 1911Edmonton, Alberta Died December 31, 1980 (aged 69) Toronto, Ontario School Media theory Main interests Media, Mass media, Sensorium, New Criticism Notable ideas The medium is the message, Global village, Metamedia, Media … Continue reading

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Self-organization From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Self-organization is the process where a structure or pattern appears in a system without a central authority or external element imposing it. This globally coherent pattern appears from the local interaction of the elements … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Portal:Mind and Brain

What is the compelling urgency of the machine that it can so intrude itself into the very stuff out of which man builds his world?JOSEPH WEIZENBAUM 1923 – 2008 See: Eliza What is beauty in face of simplicity? >Beauty, Plato … Continue reading

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