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When You Look at the Cosmos……?

Scientists have turned up rare evidence that space-time is smooth as Einstein predicted, while pushing closer to a complete theory of gravity. From NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope. See: … might be enamored with … Continue reading

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Volcano and Aurora

Volcano and Aurora in Iceland Image Credit & Copyright: Sigurdur H. Stefnisson Explanation: Sometimes both heaven and Earth erupt. In Iceland in 1991, the volcano Hekla erupted at the same time that auroras were visible overhead. Hekla, one of the … Continue reading

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The Bolshoi simulation

A virtual world?  The more complex the data base the more accurate one’s simulation is achieved. The point is though that you have to capture scientific processes through calorimeter examinations just as you do in the LHC. So these backdrops … Continue reading

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Living With A Star

The Living With a Star (LWS) program emphasizes the science necessary to understand those aspects of the Sun and the Earth’s space environment that affect life and society. The ultimate goal is to provide a predictive understanding of the system, … Continue reading

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Turn Fermi Toward Japan Skies

Tokyo Electric Power Co./AP  View of damaged No.  4 unit of the Fukushima nuclear plant in northeastern Japan. Workers abandoned Japan‘s quake-stricken nuclear plant on the verge of meltdown Tuesday when increasing radiation levels made it too dangerous to remain.See: … Continue reading

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NASA’s Fermi Catches Thunderstorms Hurling Antimatter into Space

How thunderstorms launch particle beams into space Scientists using NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have detected beams of antimatter produced above thunderstorms on Earth, a phenomenon never seen before. Scientists think the antimatter particles were formed in a terrestrial gamma-ray … Continue reading

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Crab Nebula

This is a mosaic image, one of the largest ever taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope of the Crab Nebula, a six-light-year-wide expanding remnant of a star’s supernova explosion. Japanese and Chinese astronomers recorded this violent event nearly 1,000 years … Continue reading

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Fermi Records Lighthouse Effect

John Keats talked of “unweaving the rainbow”, suggesting that Newton destroyed the beauty of nature by analysing light with a prism and splitting it into different colours. Keats was being a prat. Physicists also smile when we see rainbows, but … Continue reading

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Birth By Approximization

Of course I am acknowledging the universe in a big way here, “that by measure,” we can arrive at “some ideas” about the nature of this universe. Fundamental constants acknowledged. This post was to raise awareness of the “idea about … Continue reading

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We are , What Stars are Made of?

One thing I can tell you, though, is that most string theorist’s suspect that spacetime is a emergent Phenomena in the language of condensed matter physics Edward Witten Imagine indeed, that such a picture below is an approximate of how … Continue reading

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