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The, Periodic Table of The Elements Song

Dialogos of Eide

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MESSENGER Reveals Mercury‚Äôs Geological History

Stefan of Backreaction posted a blog entry called,”Mercury looks like the Moon, nearly… that brought me up to speed on what the planet actually looks like. His article provides for the links here in this entry, as well sets the … Continue reading

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The Periodic Table of the Moon’s Strata

Clementine color ratio composite image of Aristarchus Crater on the Moon. This 42 km diameter crater is located on the corner of the Aristarchus plateau, at 24 N, 47 W. Ejecta from the plateau is visible as the blue material … Continue reading

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Hydrogen, and the Law of Octaves

<a href="; target=_BLank title="The Edge-THE PRINCIPLE OF MEDIOCRITY [9.15.06]By Alexander Vilenkin”> Alex Vilenkin – Many Worlds in One article by Mark of Cosmic Variance drew my interest again after reading with a new perspective gained from understandng some implications about … Continue reading

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