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Euler Diagram

This article is about Eulerian circles of set theory and logic. For the geometric Euler circle, see Nine-point circle. An Euler diagram illustrating that the set of “animals with four legs” is a subset of “animals”, but the set of … Continue reading

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The Synapse is a Portal of the Thinking Mind

Life must be understood backwards; but… it must be lived forward.Soren Kierkegaard Penrose’s Bermuda Triangle? A long time ago I learnt about using avenues to free the mind by doing different things in the face of adversities. One can not … Continue reading

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Democritus had Passion and Heat?

It seems “humour” is pervading the internet today, so I thought I would add my take. Democritus Laughing, by Hendrick ter Brugghen, 1628, in Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam According to legend, Democritus was supposed to be mad because he laughed at everything, … Continue reading

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Intuitive Self and Structure: My Past

One qubit at a time by the Economist COMPUTING is about to hit a problem. In each new generation the components are smaller than they were in its predecessor, and the speed at which this miniaturisation is happening means that … Continue reading

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Drawing a Venn diagram: Entanglement Issues

Plectics, by Murray Gellman It is appropriate that plectics refers to entanglement or the lack thereof, since entanglement is a key feature of the way complexity arises out of simplicity, making our subject worth studying. The person above was kind … Continue reading

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Venn Logic and TA

I always lke to inject a piece of my young child’s perspective, becuase it helps explain things a bit about “the neighborshood.” As we move through them. He asked me about the neighborhood that we were moving too, as if, … Continue reading

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Projective Geometries

Action at a Distance Now ths statement might seem counterproductive to the ideas of projective geometry but please bear with me. In physics, action at a distance is the interaction of two objects which are separated in space with no … Continue reading

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Trademarks of the Geometer II

John g, Lubos had some claim about Martian ancestry, but we know that he jests?🙂 So I do not want to use up to much more of Lubos’s blog for this conversation even though he pushes the envelope. Perhaps, you … Continue reading

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John Venn

The early historical work can be derived from personages. Helps sometimes to illucidate the avenue and abtractions that seem only fitted for the abstract mind? Do people like to deal with such issues? I am finding that as I am … Continue reading

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