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The Bolshoi simulation

A virtual world?  The more complex the data base the more accurate one’s simulation is achieved. The point is though that you have to capture scientific processes through calorimeter examinations just as you do in the LHC. So these backdrops … Continue reading

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SNOLAB Grand Opening

Dialogos of Eide

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ICECUBE Blogging Research Material and more

In regards to Cherenkov Light Thinking outside the box See: A physicist inthe cancer lab Ackerman became interested in physics in middle school, reading popular science books about quantum mechanics and string theory. As an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute … Continue reading

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Cassiopeia A

In conclusion, we have a rich panorama of experiments that all make use of neutrinos as probes of exotic phenomena as well as processes which we have to measure better to gain understanding of fundamental physics as well as gather … Continue reading

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The main geophysical and geochemical processes that have driven the evolution of the Earth are strictly bound by the planet̓s energy budget. The current flux of energy entering the Earth’s atmosphere is well known: the main contribution comes from solar … Continue reading

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Lighting up the dark universe

The CHASE detector. The end of the magnet (orange) can be seen on the right. Exploring our dark universe is often the domain of extreme physics. Traces of dark matter particles are searched for by huge neutrino telescopes located underwater … Continue reading

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SuperCDMS An Improvement on Detection

So far no WIMP interaction has been observed, so the sensitivity needs to be improved further. This will be achieved by increasing the total detector mass (and with this the probability that a WIMP interacts in the detector) and at … Continue reading

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What is Dark Energy?

I am recreating this post in accordance with other viewers who are currently looking at the subject of Dark Energy. Also some resources for further reading. All events shown here (except KEK test detector) were generated by Monte-Carlo simulation program, … Continue reading

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Blackhole evaporation: What’s New From the Subatomic-Sized Holes ?

…the creative principle resides in mathematics. In a certain sense therefore, I hold it true that pure thought can grasp reality, as the ancients dreamed.Albert Einstein See What is Cerenkov Radiation? We are being “politically correct” (a sociological observation) when … Continue reading

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