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Jung Typology Test

Take the Test here. * Your type formula according to Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs typology along with the strengths of the preferences * The description of your personality type * The list of occupations and educational institutions where you … Continue reading

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The Making of the Tablet of Life

Change your thoughts and you change your world.Norman Vincent Peale Simple frame of reference in the quote supplied above? The Circle: Paradox and Paradigm by Reza Sarhangi & Bruce D. Martin Abstract The ultimate desire of mankind is to identify … Continue reading

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Mind Map: The Medicine Wheel

The Power of Myth With Bill Moyers, by Joseph Campbell , Introduction that Bill Moyers writes, “Campbell was no pessimist. He believed there is a “point of wisdom beyond the conflicts of illusion and truth by which lives can be … Continue reading

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Mandalas as Mind Maps

While I respect Carl Jung and his thought on the personality, it would have made more sense to me that at death “perfection would be as best the soul is in it’s attempts.” To discover, one’s nature and recognize that … Continue reading

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Ancient Dwellings

It was around 2002 my wife and I took a trip to Phoenix Arizona, and went to Sedona. We took in some of the sites as shown by the pictures of the dwellings once inhabited by different Indian tribes. While … Continue reading

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The History of Magnetic Vision

Grossmann is getting his doctorate on a topic that is connected with non-Euclidean geometry. I don’t know what it is. Einstein to Mileva Maric,1902 Animal Navigation The long-distance navigational abilities of animals have fascinated humans for centuries and challenged scientists … Continue reading

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Liminocentric Structure and Wholeness

What is a Medicine Wheel? The term “medicine wheel” was first applied to the Big Horn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming, the most southern one known. That site consists of a central cairn or rock pile surrounded by a circle of … Continue reading

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Raphael the Painter

By ‘dilating’ and ‘expanding’ the scope of our attention we not only discover that ‘form is emptiness’ (the donut has a hole), but also that ’emptiness is form’ (objects precipitate out of the larger ‘space’) – to use Buddhist terminology. … Continue reading

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When Is a House A Home?

This phrase up top of this blog entry is catchy is it not? Starring: Kevin Kline, Kristen Scott Thomas, Hayden Christensen, Jena Malone, Mary Steenburgen, Mike Weinberg, Scotty Leavenworth, Ian Somerhalder, Jamey Sheridan, Scott Bakula, Sandra Nelson, Sam Robards, John … Continue reading

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Carl Jung’s Symbolical Nature?

The mandala can also be an image of eternity cycling through time and as such images soul’s and Nature’s circular journeys, as they are reflected in, for example, the Native American Medicine Wheel, in seasonal, rebirth and karmic cycles, in … Continue reading

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