Ancient Dwellings

It was around 2002 my wife and I took a trip to Phoenix Arizona, and went to Sedona. We took in some of the sites as shown by the pictures of the dwellings once inhabited by different Indian tribes.

While extremely hot at the time we went, it of course brought wonderment to me how anyone could live in heat like that, even though the areas of Sedona are much higher. The very idea that they were set back into the cliffs was a very good idea in terms of temperatures so this was an ingenious way to stay warm and keep cool.

One of the things that we tend to now on our trips is try and takes in ancient places like these, or other sites like the large Medicine wheels at Bighorn that we travelled to a couple of years ago.

There are deeper reasons that we take on these journey’s, that at a time in our lives with our children grown we can now take to to this. The cliff dwellings were drawn on a piece of paper many years ago when I awoke from a weird dream. It was as if I was travelling and came into to look at the cliff dwelling. I was wondering when on our journey whether I would see what I saw, before ever being there.

The Medicine Wheel is actually one of those Mind Maps I talked about, that was used by the Native Americans to house a lot of information about nature and the dealings Native Americans had with that Nature.

That particular model I also dreamt of, and had a profound experience that became part of the connection to the deeper understanding I have about the earth from a native perspective. A deeper understanding about how one comes so very close to one touching the very souls energy. This is why liminocentric structures are of such importance to me. Developing such maps are an important aspect of using the mind map to built this connection to what exists and our very centres.

I’ll put a picture here from my trip(it is taken from the board located at the site). It’s the Bighorn Medicine Wheel located by Sheridan Wyoming. It is about 9642 feet up and on Medicine Mountain. The walk was about a mile and half in and was about a 100 degrees that day.

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