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Hippies, Rock Bands, and Woodstock

There is a reason for this article. Bee was kind to point to this article, ““Artist on LSD” for consideration. 2 hours 45 minutes after first dose. Patient tries to climb into activity box, and is generally agitated – responds … Continue reading

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Radiactive Decay

Unit Circle Complex numbers can be identified with points in the Euclidean plane, namely the number a + bi is identified with the point (a, b). Under this identification, the unit circle is a group under multiplication, called the circle … Continue reading

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Gravity Free Environment on Earth

It’s taken some time from a layman perspective to try and “place this experiment” in a setting that helps orientate views. Well, at least in my case. 🙂 So here is a “guide below” that may seem trivial to some, … Continue reading

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Lisa Randall on Xtra Dimensions

In physics, Randall-Sundrum models imagine that the real world is a higher-dimensional Universe described by warped geometry. More concretely, our Universe is a five-dimensional anti de Sitter space and the elementary particles except for the graviton are localized on a … Continue reading

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What is the False Vacuum?

Quantum Field Theory Quantum Vacuum: In classical physics, empty space is called the vacuum. The classical vacuum is utterly featureless. However, in quantum theory, the vacuum is a much more complex entity. The uncertainty principle allows virtual particles (each corresponding … Continue reading

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If it’s Not a Soccer Ball, What is it?

Timaeus concludes And so now we may say that our account of the universe has reached its conclusion. This world of ours has received and teems with living things, mortal and immortal. A visible living thing containing visible things, and … Continue reading

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The Singing Bowl

One harmonious possibility is that string enthusiasts and loop quantum gravity aficionados are actually constructing the same theory, but from vastly different starting points-Page 490, Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene What would such gravitons in the bulk concentration … Continue reading

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Intersection of D Branes

I’m not going to try and kid you with “this stuff,” as it is extremely beyond anything that any of us mere mortal can understand. So, if such a thought would be to simplify, then how would such thinking be … Continue reading

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Acoustic Hawking Radiation

What did we learn from studying acoustic black holes? by Renaud Parentani The study of acoustic black holes has been undertaken to provide new insights about the role of high frequencies in black hole evaporation. Because of the infinite gravitational … Continue reading

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Main Stream Breakthrough on Cosmic Variance

linked in title of article of same name, by Sean Carroll A Randall/Sundrum view of the cosmos The trick in this picture supplied by Sean is to look at the ideas of gravitonic concentrations, as these would be leading to … Continue reading

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