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PlatoHagel’s Channel

Just some of the YouTubes I have watched. Would have liked Blogger to design a Youtube index feature according to the blogger YouTubes we have highlighted in our own blogs. Also each time one comes to this blog or others, … Continue reading

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Latex rendering update

Using equation on this blog asks that you put $ sign at the beginning and $sign at the end to substitute in bracket [ ]-tex and / tex Here is the site language that will help blog developers with their … Continue reading

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Probability of Information Becoming?

I extend this blog posting from a comment here as a means to further understand what it is that geometers can do in my mind, as well, point toward the evolution of General Relativity with the aid of the geometer … Continue reading

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Second Life

Creating secure places for meetings and creating the individuals for this interaction while retaining anonymity is part of the idea behind discussing strategy while not revealing who these individuals are in this exercise. Some say, why not do this with … Continue reading

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Information on Web Science and New Publishing Software

I was doing some reading at Backreaction: Web Science to see what was of interest. I too have linked the Scientific Magazine articles at different times. I found that in the beginning, it is a nice thing to see the … Continue reading

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Picasa Web Albums With a Message

I wanted to draw attention to a feature that has been added to my blogger site. If you look over to the right hand side of this blog you will notice a picture slide show that is rotating. I find … Continue reading

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Back to Normal?

Hardly. It’s been some months since I had been using my own computer. Building our new home, we had to make some adjustments. One of these being, not having our computer setup. We are quite pleased with the work that … Continue reading

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I am to well aware of, to know the consequences of this myself. With any blog development there is an aspect and power given to any developer, that they may see the background of all those who contribute, beyond, what … Continue reading

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Types of Blogging Software

Ask yourself this? What is the new kernel to be, if we had for one moment presented the opportunities for the using Riemann hypothesis, and contained the very idea as a philosophy presented within this blog? A VIEW OF MATHEMATICS … Continue reading

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Looking for the Kernel of Truth

Wikimedia Commons How developmental perspective is created and endures, for those of us who are not to well informed as to the nature of specific information on the internet. How can it grow? How can we stay better informed? Kernel … Continue reading

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