Latex rendering update

Using equation on this blog asks that you put $ sign at the beginning and $sign at the end to substitute in bracket [ ]-tex and / tex

Here is the site language that will help blog developers with their latex language and give them an alternative from having to shift over to word press.


$\odot$ $\oplus$ $\pi$ $\omega$

$\LARGE U=\frac{-GMm}r=\frac{-GMh}{rc^2}{vo}$

$\large hv=hv_o[{1-}\frac{GM}{rc^2}] \hspace9 v=v_o[{1-}\frac{GM}{rc^2}] \hspace9 \frac{\bigtriangledown v} {v_o}={-}\frac{GM}{rc^2}$


Click on Image for a larger size

Click on Image for a larger size

Click on Image for a larger size


See:Help:Latex Symbols-Mathematics

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5 Responses to Latex rendering update

  1. Plato says:

    Testing comment section$\LARGE U=\frac{-GMm}r=\frac{-GMh}{rc^2}{vo}$

  2. watchmath says:

    For a post with lots of math symbols you probably need to remove the border on the image by fiddling around with the css.

  3. Plato says:

    Hi Watchmath,Thanks for taking the time. Under a blog format what would I look for? I posted it under the script you had given so I am not sure how this is translated through to the blog format? Any pointers or ideas here?Best,

  4. Napoleon says:

    Thanks for the post, I was searching for the \mathcal{X} symbol's command for a long time.

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