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A Inherent Pattern of Consciousness

This image depicts the interaction of nine plane waves—expanding sets of ripples, like the waves you would see if you simultaneously dropped nine stones into a still pond. The pattern is called a quasicrystal because it has an ordered structure, … Continue reading

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Model Building in Life

“…underwriting the form languages of ever more domains of mathematics is a set of deep patterns which not only offer access to a kind of ideality that Plato claimed to see the universe as created with in the Timaeus; more … Continue reading

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Scientists’ greatest pleasure comes from theories that derive the solution to some deep puzzle from a small set of simple principles in a surprising way. These explanations are called “beautiful” or “elegant”. Historical examples are Kepler’s explanation of complex planetary … Continue reading

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Theory of Everything

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Beyond the Standard Model Standard Model [show]Evidence Hierarchy problem • Dark matterCosmological constant problemStrong CP problemNeutrino oscillation [show]Theories TechnicolorKaluza–Klein theoryGrand Unified TheoryTheory of everythingString theory [show]Supersymmetry MSSM • Superstring theorySupergravity [show]Quantum gravity String theoryLoop quantum gravityCausal dynamical … Continue reading

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