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Mega Mind?

Source:Numerical Relativity Code and Machine Timeline In 2005 in “Lightening,” as Strings, Strike?” I could see where certain issues were developing in terms of using computerized techniques in order establish a numerical correlations. Computations with how one might look and … Continue reading

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Computational Science

Discussion from UC-HiPACC on Vimeo.  Also See: Bolshoi Simulation: WMAP Explorer  As Richard Feynman put it:[13] “It always bothers me that, according to the laws as we understand them today, it takes a computing machine an infinite number of logical … Continue reading

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The mechanism that explains why our universe was born with 3 dimensions: a 40-year-old puzzle of superstring theory solved by supercomputer

A group of three researchers from KEK, Shizuoka University and Osaka University has for the first time revealed the way our universe was born with 3 spatial dimensions from 10-dimensional superstring theory1 in which spacetime has 9 spatial directions and … Continue reading

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Bolshoi Simulation: WMAP Explorer

Bolshoi Simulation Visualization from UC-HPACC on Vimeo. Watch With Music.   Visualization of the dark matter in 1/1000 of the gigantic Bolshoi cosmological simulation, zooming in on a region centered on the dark matter halo of a very large cluster … Continue reading

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The Edge World Question Center:

Evidently, something powerful had happened in my brain.FRANK WILCZEK So this year….. WHAT SCIENTIFIC CONCEPT WOULD IMPROVE EVERYBODY’S COGNITIVE TOOLKIT? The term ‘scientific”is to be understood in a broad sense as the most reliable way of gaining knowledge about anything, … Continue reading

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The lessons of history are clear. The more exotic, the more abstract the knowledge, the more profound will be its consequences.” Leon Lederman, from an address to the Franklin Institute, 1995 BBC article-Click on Image See Also: LHC sound *** … Continue reading

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Numerical Relativity and the Human Experience?

“I’m a Platonist — a follower of Plato — who believes that one didn’t invent these sorts of things, that one discovers them. In a sense, all these mathematical facts are right there waiting to be discovered.”Donald (H. S. M.) … Continue reading

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Numerical Relativity and Math Transference

Part of the advantage of looking at computer animations is knowing that the basis of this vision that is being created, is based on computerized methods and codes, devised, to help us see what Einstein’s equations imply. Now that’s part … Continue reading

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Computer Language and Math Joined from Artistic Impressionism?

Most people think of “seeing” and “observing” directly with their senses. But for physicists, these words refer to much more indirect measurements involving a train of theoretical logic by which we can interpret what is “seen.”- Lisa Randall Cubist Art: … Continue reading

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