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Mars Rover: Curiosity

‘Greeley Panorama’ from Opportunity’s Fifth Martian Winter This full-circle scene combines 817 images taken by the panoramic camera (Pancam) on NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity. It shows the terrain that surrounded the rover while it was stationary for four months … Continue reading

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Are there Patterns to Life?

Its grandness, goodness, beauty and perfection are unexcelled. Our one universe, indeed, the only one of its kind, has come to be.Timaeus concludes I was just thinking about the idea of being a mathematical structure, and having been made aware … Continue reading

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The Multiverse is like a….Flower?

Alexander Vilenkin The implications of inflation are particularly important in the context of the landscape of string theory. One of the leading researchers studying how inflationary cosmology evolves through the landscape is Alex Vilenkin, a theoretical physicist at Tufts who … Continue reading

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If it’s Not a Soccer Ball, What is it?

Timaeus concludes And so now we may say that our account of the universe has reached its conclusion. This world of ours has received and teems with living things, mortal and immortal. A visible living thing containing visible things, and … Continue reading

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Has Speed of Light changed Recently?

You have to remember I am not as well educated as the rest of the leaque connected at Peter Woit’s site. But how could one think anything less, then what perception can contribute, as less then what the educated mind … Continue reading

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Timaeus:Laying the Ground rules on Genesis

You all know that you each have a respective hand on the elephant, and thsoe who would contribute their qunatum mathematics are new comers to what had already existed. As the craftsman Plato, I created the elephant in the thought … Continue reading

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For me this is a wonderful view of abstraction, that had gone into model making, to help those less inclined to “the visonistic qualities of those same abstractions.” Shown here are the models in the mathematical wunderkammer located in the … Continue reading

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Bubble world

Using a rubber band analogy over top of a ball is a interesting way to approach the circle used, and the energy determinations found of value in calculating 1r radius(KK Tower) of that same circle, as you move to the … Continue reading

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Education, Now Stimulates Creativity:-)

The nice thing about good educators is the resource that they can help point lay people to to encourage exploration and thought provocation. It is not to nice to have controls place on the the ability of resource searchers to … Continue reading

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Primordial Gravitational Waves

Although I have designated the title above, I want to add current trends for future observations by speaking to this one first. It is sometimes evident that such comments made by Peter Woit would have to have enormous amounts of … Continue reading

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