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Poincaré Hyperbolic Disk

See also:PoincarĂ© Hyperbolic Disk *** Hyperbolic Geometry Geometric models of hyperbolic geometry include the Klein-Beltrami model, which consists of an open disk in the Euclidean plane whose open chords correspond to hyperbolic lines. A two-dimensional model is the PoincarĂ© hyperbolic … Continue reading

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Physical geodesy: A Condensative Result

The cave was discovered in 2000The 120m-deep Cueva de las Espadas (Cave of Swords), discovered in 1912, is named for its metre-long shafts of gypsum (a calcium sulphate mineral that incorporates water molecules into its chemical formula). And although individually … Continue reading

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Neutrino Mixing Explained in 60 seconds

I added this post to demonstrate the connection to what is behind the investigation to “neutrino mixing” that needs further clarification. So I put this blog post together below. It “allows the sources” to consider the question of how we … Continue reading

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Democritus had Passion and Heat?

It seems “humour” is pervading the internet today, so I thought I would add my take. Democritus Laughing, by Hendrick ter Brugghen, 1628, in Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam According to legend, Democritus was supposed to be mad because he laughed at everything, … Continue reading

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Revolutions of the Archetype

The concept of Tao is based upon the understanding that the only constant in the universe is change (see I Ching, the “Book of Changes”) and that we must understand and be in harmony with this change. The change is … Continue reading

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Radiactive Decay

Unit Circle Complex numbers can be identified with points in the Euclidean plane, namely the number a + bi is identified with the point (a, b). Under this identification, the unit circle is a group under multiplication, called the circle … Continue reading

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Collider Detector at Fermilab and Slac

Current evidence shows that neutrinos do oscillate, which indicates that neutrinos do have mass. The Los Alamos data revealed a muon anti-neutrino cross over to an electron neutrino. This type of oscillation is difficult to explain using only the three … Continue reading

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SOLAR B and Van Ellen Belts

SCIENCE GOALS OF SOLAR-B To determine the mechanisms responsible for heating the corona in active regions and the quiet Sun. There are of course reasons why you want to keep these perspectives together. While I have been extolling the virtues … Continue reading

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Moore’s Law Endangered?

Moore’s Law(wikipedia 28 May 2006) Moore’s law is the empirical observation that the complexity of integrated circuits, with respect to minimum component cost, doubles every 24 months[1]. Clifford, in writing the brief article of interest, he relays another article here … Continue reading

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Working the Angles UNtil They Add Up Too?

I assume now, you are in the non-eucldiean inferences? If people had thought “the negative” always evil, then what value any “dynamic of thinking” if we could not resolve what we had been doing by changing the shape of our … Continue reading

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