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Andrea Rossi’s ‘E-cat’ nuclear reactor

Andrea Rossi’s ‘E-cat’ nuclear reactor: a video FAQ Now I am a layman with a keen interest in how our society can benefit from research and development.  Can you save me from being fooled? Can you save society from being … Continue reading

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ἁπτικός-Momentum, as a Tactile Experience?

The value of non-Euclidean geometry lies in its ability to liberate us from preconceived ideas in preparation for the time when exploration of physical laws might demand some geometry other than the Euclidean. Bernhard Riemann See Water in Zero Gravity, … Continue reading

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Atlas Experiment

Link on Title and internal “color reference links” will highlight links to subject locations. Well worth the visit.  The ATLAS detector consists of four major components (place your cursor over the links below to identify the location of the components): … Continue reading

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Solar Dynamics Observatory

SpaceCraft The total mass of SDO at launch was 3000 kg (6620 lb); instruments 300 kg (660 lb), spacecraft 1300 kg (2870 lb), and fuel 1400 kg (3090 lb). Its overall length along the sun-pointing axis is 4.5 m, and … Continue reading

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Sound Shaping our Views of the Universe?

The Sound of Gravitational Waves We can’t actually hear gravitational waves, even with the most sophisticated equipment, because the sounds they make are the wrong frequency for our ears to hear. This is similar in principle to the frequency of … Continue reading

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The Perfect Sphere

Before I begin I had to mention the following two entries below that I wanted to do but was short on time. This recording was produced by converting into audible sounds some of the radar echoes received by Huygens during … Continue reading

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GRand Quantum Conjecture

My continued looked into the “fluids dynamics” had me wonder about the superfluid anomalies. How would the “sphere look” if it collapsed and allowed information to travel through it, based on what has been given here for perspective, when the … Continue reading

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Writing Your Story of Creation?

“No container is available, and the vaporization must occur in vacuum.” Wozniak With all that energy concentrated in a space about the size of an atomic nucleus, the colliding ions, for a tiny fraction of a second, will reach a … Continue reading

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Sonofusion Analogies in Geometric design?

Every picture held in mind is a link to other pictures? The larger context of the universe, is now seen in how our minds evolving such a reality through such thought constructs( it’s bits and pieces) that it is not … Continue reading

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The Singing Bowl

One harmonious possibility is that string enthusiasts and loop quantum gravity aficionados are actually constructing the same theory, but from vastly different starting points-Page 490, Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene What would such gravitons in the bulk concentration … Continue reading

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