Andrea Rossi’s ‘E-cat’ nuclear reactor

Andrea Rossi’s ‘E-cat’ nuclear reactor: a video FAQ

Now I am a layman with a keen interest in how our society can benefit from research and development.  Can you save me from being fooled? Can you save society from being fooled? 
As a scientist please demonstrate your opinion as to the viability of such generation across the blogosphere and weigh in. I know some of you are well equipped to answer whether such things in inventiveness can be ascertain  regarding the jump to profitability by product development before all the science has been been supportive of such claims as to kilowatt production.
Imagine the cost reduction in products that could not only heat your homes, but as well as reduce your cost as to air conditioners and saving energy for the grid?

One Megawatt Heat Plant for Sale“We gave the exclusive commercial license to Ampenergo, and only they can sell our  plants.” – Andrea Rossi (November 14, 2011) [Story


The Physics of Why the E-Cat’s Cold Fusion Claims Collapse
By Ethan Siegel

With other companies now trying to capitalize off of this speculative, unverified and highly dubious claim, it’s time for the eCat’s proponents to provide the provable, testable, reproducible science that can answer these straightforward physics objections. Independent verification is the cornerstone of all scientific investigation and experiment, it’s how we weed out all sorts of errors from miscalibration to contamination, and how we protect ourselves from unscrupulous swindles. Given everything that we know, as others also demonstrate (thanks, Steven B. Krivit), it’s time to set aside the mirage of Nickel +Hydrogen fusion and get back to work finding real solutions to our energy and environmental problems.

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Thanks to scientists for following up. It is much appreciated

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