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Artifacts of the Geometrical WunderKammern

As one visits the mathematical puzzles and conjectures, what value these insights to the physics or our universe if we did not see things in this way? As artifacts of some other kind of geometrical thinking that we could then … Continue reading

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On Gauss’s Day of Reckoning

A famous story about the boy wonder of mathematics has taken on a life of its own –Brian Hayes Illustration by Theoni PappasIn a fanciful drawing done in the manner of a woodcut, the young Carl Friedrich Gauss receives instruction … Continue reading

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Music of the Spheres

Strange Geometriesby Helen Joyce Both spherical and hyperbolic geometries are examples of curved geometries, unlike Euclidean geometry, which is flat. In spherical geometry, the curvature is positive, in hyperbolic geometry, it is negative. I thought I should add the “ascoustic … Continue reading

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