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SNOLAB Grand Opening

Dialogos of Eide

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A Blue Flash in Ice

Little is known about the ultra high-energy cosmic rays that regularly penetrate the atmosphere. Recent IceCube research rules out the leading theory that they come from gamma ray bursts. (Credit: NSF/J. Yang) Future directions  The lack of observation of neutrinos … Continue reading

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A Message from the Past?

The ATLAS Experiment offers the exciting possibility to study them in the lab (if they exist). The simulated collision event shown is viewed along the beampipe. The event is one in which a microscopic-black-hole was produced in the collision of … Continue reading

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ICECUBE Neutrinos

Another Big thank you to ICECUBE Blog. The IceCube project at the South Pole needed a new server cluster to reconstruct raw data, so it selected Dell PowerEdge servers for the HPC solution. The IceCube Neutrino Observatory has just completed … Continue reading

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ICECUBE Blogging Research Material and more

In regards to Cherenkov Light Thinking outside the box See: A physicist inthe cancer lab Ackerman became interested in physics in middle school, reading popular science books about quantum mechanics and string theory. As an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute … Continue reading

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Home Site Located in Title A European Network For Astroparticle Physics in Europe ASPERA is a network of national government agencies responsible for coordinating and funding national research efforts in Astroparticle Physics Hunting neutrinos… The IceCube experiment *** See Also: … Continue reading

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Cassiopeia A

In conclusion, we have a rich panorama of experiments that all make use of neutrinos as probes of exotic phenomena as well as processes which we have to measure better to gain understanding of fundamental physics as well as gather … Continue reading

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TAUWER is a proposed astroparticle experiment to detect ultrahigh energy TAU neutrinos, using detector towers arrayed on a mountainside looking down into a valley. This test is to study the possibility of replacing Hamamatsu miniature PMTs with SiPMs for readout … Continue reading

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Antarctic Muon And Neutrino Detector Array….

Diagram of IceCube. IceCube will occupy a volume of one cubic kilometer. Here we depict one of the 80 strings of opctical modules (number and size not to scale). IceTop located at the surface, comprises an array of sensors to … Continue reading

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Lighting up the dark universe

The CHASE detector. The end of the magnet (orange) can be seen on the right. Exploring our dark universe is often the domain of extreme physics. Traces of dark matter particles are searched for by huge neutrino telescopes located underwater … Continue reading

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