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Matt Strassler Tom Levenson Virtually Speaking Science 02/15 by Jay Ackroyd | Blog Talk Radio

Matt Strassler Tom Levenson Virtually Speaking Science 02/15 by Jay Ackroyd | Blog Talk Radio See Also: The Large Hadron Collider, Excerpt 1; Matt Strassler at the Secret Science Club The Large Hadron Collider, Excerpt 2; Matt Strassler at the … Continue reading

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A Historical Look at Kaluza-Klein Particles?

In 1919, Kaluza sent Albert Einstein a preprint — later published in 1921 — that considered the extension of general relativity to five dimensions. He assumed that the 5-dimensional field equations were simply the higher-dimensional version of the vacuum Einstein … Continue reading

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The Smoking Gun

One string theorist even went so far to conclude that a string theory calculation of Kaluza-Klein modes was the “smoking gun” that proved our theory was the same as the string theory that string theorists had already been studying.Warped Passages: … Continue reading

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Point Particles and String Amplitudes

For myself understanding the dimensional relationship toward the QFT perspective of particle research and development,  it has been a difficult road to understanding this relation. It is not just the idea of what transpires as we architecturally build the world\universe … Continue reading

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 For me, the idea of a backdrop measure, as if Thomas Young experimentally fires his photon gun, the collision points at the LHC provide dimensional references(flight paths) to events that are measured  by comparison of LHC too,  muon detection facilitations … Continue reading

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It’s Neither World, not Nether

Netherworld is often used as a synonym for Underworld. Okay this may seem like a strange title, but believe me when I say how fascinating that such dynamics in meeting “each other: will allow something to “pop” right out of … Continue reading

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Theory of Everything

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Beyond the Standard Model Standard Model [show]Evidence Hierarchy problem • Dark matterCosmological constant problemStrong CP problemNeutrino oscillation [show]Theories TechnicolorKaluza–Klein theoryGrand Unified TheoryTheory of everythingString theory [show]Supersymmetry MSSM • Superstring theorySupergravity [show]Quantum gravity String theoryLoop quantum gravityCausal dynamical … Continue reading

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Perspective of the Theoretical Scientist

Most people think of “seeing” and “observing” directly with their senses. But for physicists, these words refer to much more indirect measurements involving a train of theoretical logic by which we can interpret what is “seen.”– Lisa Randall There are … Continue reading

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Different Approaches to a 5d world

Smolin: And there are published predictions for observable Planck scale deviations from energy momentum relations[22, 23] that imply predictions for experiments in progress such as AUGER and GLAST. [B]For those whose interest is more towards formal speculations concerning supersymmetry and … Continue reading

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Poincaré Hyperbolic Disk

See also:Poincaré Hyperbolic Disk *** Hyperbolic Geometry Geometric models of hyperbolic geometry include the Klein-Beltrami model, which consists of an open disk in the Euclidean plane whose open chords correspond to hyperbolic lines. A two-dimensional model is the Poincaré hyperbolic … Continue reading

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