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First Alcibiades

Papyrus fragment of Alcibiades I, section 131.c-e. The First Alcibiades or Alcibiades I (Ancient Greek: Ἀλκιβιάδης αʹ) is a dialogue featuring Alcibiades in conversation with Socrates. It is ascribed to Plato, although scholars are divided on the question of its … Continue reading

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Justified true belief

 Before Gettier, an historical account brings one up to date? Euler diagram representing a definition of knowledge. Justified true belief is one definition of knowledge that states in order to know that a given proposition is true, one must not … Continue reading

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Trivium:Three Roads

  Logic is the art of thinking; grammar, the art of inventing symbols and combining them to express thought; and rhetoric, the art of communicating thought from one mind to another, the adaptation of language to circumstance.Sister Miriam Joseph  Painting … Continue reading

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The Rhetorician

This raises all sorts of questions, the most basic of which are: “What counts as `looking’ vs. `not looking’?” and “Do we really need a separate law of physics to describe the evolution of systems that are being looked at?” … Continue reading

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Orators Reduced to Written Words

Sir Francis Bacon–Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount St Alban KC (22 January 1561 – 9 April 1626), son of Nicholas Bacon by his second wife Anne (Cooke) Bacon, was an English philosopher, statesman, scientist, lawyer, jurist, and author. He served both … Continue reading

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The Socratic method

Death of Socrates by Jacques Davidthis picture depicts the closing moments of the life of Socrates. Condemned to death or exile by the Athenian government for his teaching methods which aroused scepticism and impiety in his students, Socrates heroicly rejected … Continue reading

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Developing Character in Rhetoric and Composition

Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626)—–although not a rhetorician, contributed to the field in his writings. One of the concerns of the age was to find a suitable style for the discussion of scientific topics, which needed above all a clear … Continue reading

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Rhetoric and Composition

I hope the time will be taken to patiently read and follow through as it will explain the dangers of what Sokal did, and the mistrust he place at the front door of media control. Censorship. What were the motivations … Continue reading

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