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Gravity map of the Southern Ocean around the Antarctic continentThis gravity field was computed from sea-surface height measurements collected by the US Navy GEOSAT altimeter between March, 1985, and January, 1990. The high density GEOSAT Geodetic Mission data that lie … Continue reading

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What are Memories made up of ?

Illustration by The New York Times Some do indeed understand the fuzzy logic. These images are pixel orientated. They describe a process of thinking that is quite impermeable to the everyday biological function of the thinking brain that we have … Continue reading

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The Ring of Truth

Savas Dimopoulos:Here’s an analogy to understand this: imagine that our universe is a two-dimensional pool table, which you look down on from the third spatial dimension. When the billiard balls collide on the table, they scatter into new trajectories across … Continue reading

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Gravity Experiments

No matter how absurd? 🙂 From a early age, young Albert showed great interest in the world around him. When he was five years old, his father gave him a compass, and the child was enchanted by the device and … Continue reading

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Tunnelling in Faster then Light

Underneath this speculation of mine is the geometrical inclination of the universe in expression. If it’s “dynamical nature is revealed” what allows us to think of why this universe at this time and junction, should be flat(?) according to the … Continue reading

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Result of Effective Changes in the Cosmos

“There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there. All great discoveries have involved such a leap. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Albert Einstein (1879- … Continue reading

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Graviton in a Can?

After you consume “graviton in a can,” you might never be the same? Brane thinking may then dominate your every view of the world. Then, it will all make sense? Imagine while we peer deeper into the subject of the … Continue reading

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Lisa Randall on Xtra Dimensions

In physics, Randall-Sundrum models imagine that the real world is a higher-dimensional Universe described by warped geometry. More concretely, our Universe is a five-dimensional anti de Sitter space and the elementary particles except for the graviton are localized on a … Continue reading

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Box Counting or "Points" on the Strings Length?

The jump from conventional field theories of point-like objects to a theory of one-dimensional objects has striking implications. The vibration spectrum of the string contains a massless spin-2 particle: the graviton. Its long wavelength interactions are described by Einstein’s theory … Continue reading

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Beyond Spacetime?

As well as bringing the accelerator’s counter-rotating beams together, LHC insertion magnets also have to separate them after collision. This is the job of dedicated separators, and the US Brookhaven Laboratory is developing superconducting magnets for this purpose. Brookhaven is … Continue reading

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