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Stringy Geometry

fancier way of saying that is that in general, it’s okay to model the space around us using the Euclidean metric. But the Euclidean model stops working when gravity becomes strong, as we’ll see later. The Euclidean model for space … Continue reading

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Newton’s inverse-square (1/r2) law

The standard model of particle physics is a self-contained picture of fundamental particles and their interactions. Physicists, on a journey from solid matter to quarks and gluons, via atoms and nuclear matter, may have reached the foundation level of fields … Continue reading

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Part of Facing the Trouble With Physics

It might be that the laws change absolutely with time; that gravity for instance varies with time and that this inverse square law has a strength which depends on how long it is since the beginning of time. In other … Continue reading

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At What "Point" does the Universe Make itself Known?

According to the basic laws of physics, every wavelength of electromagnetic radiation corresponds to a specific amount of energy. The NIST/ILL team determined the value for energy in the Einstein equation, E = mc2, by carefully measuring the wavelength of … Continue reading

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Singularities must be Rewritten?

From Dr. Kip Thorne, Caltech 01 On Relativity-Plate 24 I have given examples why the singularities have to be rewritten. I explain the value of the KK Tower as well. As well, it’s relationship to curvature of the universe. Following … Continue reading

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Science Mathmatically Endowed?

Approaches to the Quantum Theory of Gravity by the PI Institute Two methods evolved in the theory of elementary particles to describe such quantized flux tubes. The one, called the loop method, studies them using the basic laws of electricity … Continue reading

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Spacetime 101

Here’s some basic background covering how mathematical models of space and time have evolved since ancient times, from the Pythagorean Rule to Newtonian mechanics, Special Relativity and General Relativity. For the roads leading to one’s view of the strange world … Continue reading

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KK Tower

Like many people who devote their time to understanding the nature of the cosmo and the micro perspective of the world around us, these things have their own motivational packages which move to further rquired comprehensions. In that, one needs … Continue reading

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Getting Ducks in a Row

Energising the quest for ‘big theory’ By Paul Rincon We are at a point where experiments must guide us, we cannot make progress without them,” explains Jim Virdee, a particle physicist at Imperial College London Good to see Joanne contributions … Continue reading

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Tiny Bubbles

AS a child, Einsten when given the gift of the compass, immediately reocgnized the mystery in nature? If such a impression could have instigated the work that had unfolded over timein regards to Relativity, then what work could have ever … Continue reading

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