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Economy, as Science

A shift in paradigm can lead, via the theory-dependence of observation, to a difference in one’s experiences of things and thus to a change in one’s phenomenal world.ON Thomas Kuhn   Control the information you control the people?:) Again as … Continue reading

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The Last Question by Isaac Asimov

The problem of heat can be a frustrating one if one can contend with the computer chips and how this may of resulted in a reboot of the machine( or it’s death) into a better state of existence then what … Continue reading

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Creating the Perfect Human Being or Maybe…..

….. a Frankenstein?:) Seriously , there are defined differences in the human being versus AI Intelligence. I think people have a tendency to blurr the lines on machinery. This of course required some reading and wiki quotes herein help to … Continue reading

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"Bag Model," for the Economy

“In this edition, as a fifth appendix, a presentation of my views on the problem of space in general and the gradual modifications of our ideas on space resulting from the influence of the relativistic view-point. I wished to show … Continue reading

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All Possible Outcomes?

I must say to you that in my case I am asking of Calabi Yau’s, can have some predictability to how universe selection is accomplished and thus any steady development in mathematics pushing that landscape to credibility? This entry is … Continue reading

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Coin, as a Constituent of Symmetry

I wanted to offer a perspective that recognizes the coin as a basis of the reality much as strings would be as contingent products of the whole theory of economics. So in this context that quantum mechanically one perceive the … Continue reading

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The Money Trust

TO THE JOKER: HERE I HOLD A GOLD COINWhat a false illusion thou art to human mind ! How cruelly thou deceivest thy possessor and those who covet thee ! Thou buyest for me by thy betrayal of mankind. Thou … Continue reading

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Zombie Central

Peter Woit:Hopefully Nature won’t take its place as Zombie-central… December 30th, 2007 at 11:10 am if link deleted(yep! it sure has:) see here Plato said, “I have never deviated from the name I use, so you get the sense of … Continue reading

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The Other Side of the Coin

Susan Holmes– Statistician Persi Diaconis’ mechanical coin flipper. In football’s inaugural kickoff coin toss, the coin is not caught but allowed to bounce on the ground. That introduces an extra complication, one mathematicians have yet to sort out. Persi Diaconis … Continue reading

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Search for Extra-dimensions with ATLAS at the LHC: The Lions Den

I have often wonder whether or not my opinions about left and right aspect battling in society, are right?:) Peter Woit saids string theory is right wing financed? I hate to dread that media has been perversive enough in order … Continue reading

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