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Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work is a book by industrial psychologist Paul Babiak, Ph.D. and psychopathy expert Dr Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. published in 2006. It covers the nature of psychopaths in the context of employment and … Continue reading

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Google Books Library Project

What’s the goal of this project? The Library Project’s aim is simple: make it easier for people to find relevant books – specifically, books they wouldn’t find any other way such as those that are out of print – while … Continue reading

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The Body Canvas

Let no one destitute of geometry enter my doors.” Who would have known about the distinction I had thought only myself could bare the artistic rendition of a thought processes that had unfurled in my own expressive way many others … Continue reading

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Novum Organum

The frontispiece of Novum Organum by Francis Bacon The Novum Organum is a philosophical work by Francis Bacon published in 1620. The title translates as “new instrument”. This is a reference to Aristotle‘s work Organon, which was his treatise on … Continue reading

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John Maynard Smith

John Maynard Smith Born 6 January 1920(1920-01-06)London, England Died 19 April 2004(2004-04-19) (aged 84)Lewes, East Sussex, England Nationality British Fields Evolutionary biologist and geneticist Institutions University of Sussex Alma mater University of Cambridge and University College London Doctoral advisor J.B.S. Haldane … Continue reading

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The Last Question by Isaac Asimov

The problem of heat can be a frustrating one if one can contend with the computer chips and how this may of resulted in a reboot of the machine( or it’s death) into a better state of existence then what … Continue reading

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First Principles by Howard Burton

After returning home from our little vacation, I’ve hunkered down to read, and I thought this would be a good time to come to know of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada and how it started up. As … Continue reading

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Galileo Galilei’s Balance

Let proportion be found not only in numbers, but also in sounds, weights, times and positions, and whatever force there is.Leonardo Da Vinci Can it be said that measure has ever left the mind of those whose age has come … Continue reading

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