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Rising Above the Duality

The Tao of heaven is to take from those who have too much and give to those who do not have enough. Man’s way is different. He takes from those who do not have enough to give to those who … Continue reading

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Acrobate Within every Point of Space

Cold Spots One would have to know that “expansionist values” for the blackholes temperature, to know, that in a “gravitational collapse” heat is generated, and thusly, the geometrical propensity to certain K values would be “indicative” on a classical level? … Continue reading

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It’s a Penquin?

The jump from conventional field theories of point-like objects to a theory of one-dimensional objects has striking implications. The vibration spectrum of the string contains a massless spin-2 particle: the graviton. Its long wavelength interactions are described by Einstein’s theory … Continue reading

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Clifford and The Singularity

Horatiu is referring to a mathematical similarity between the physics of the real world, which govern RHIC collisions, and the physics that scientists use to describe a theoretical, “imaginary” black hole in a hypothetical world with a different number of … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of Death is one of Life?

Yes of course the entries like this one are philosphical in nature. So I thought I would try and explain it as I understood it? Whether it’s right or not, is how much you want to believe it? That’s up … Continue reading

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Abraham Maslow and Peak Experience

“The worst disease afflicting human kind is hardening of the categories.” – Artist Bob Miller. Well I having been watching the topics ofCategorically Not site created. I see such fine visitations by those who have ventured into the science, asking … Continue reading

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The Lowest Octave State

Sometimes simple concepts, like something representing the lowest vibration mode of the string, the lowest octave helps in a sense helps to orientate what the particles mean, such as protons,neutrons and electrons. Where they exist now as they cosmic collsions … Continue reading

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Education, Now Stimulates Creativity:-)

The nice thing about good educators is the resource that they can help point lay people to to encourage exploration and thought provocation. It is not to nice to have controls place on the the ability of resource searchers to … Continue reading

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