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State of Fear Revisited

Cooling the Warming Debate See: The State of Fear See Also:  ICARUS Proves Neutrinos At Least 10 Times Faster Than Light Getting Science Through: Misunderstood Terms In Science Communication Dialogos of Eide

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The State of Fear

It is one of those things I guess,  as you get older you completely forget part of one’s thinking process that was started,  and never really went anywhere. Until that is, it is “awakened again” for introspection. So if you … Continue reading

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Do You Think This Cloud Experiment is Important?

“The aim of CLOUD is to understand whether or not cosmic rays can affect clouds and climate, by studying the microphysical interactions of cosmic rays with aerosols, cloud droplets and ice particles.” This is one of the possible mechanisms for … Continue reading

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Fulleranes and Allotropes

“Composition VI”, 1913, Wassily Kandinsky The term “Composition” can imply a metaphor with music. Kandinsky was fascinated by music’s emotional power. Because music expresses itself through sound and time, it allows the listener a freedom of imagination, interpretation, and emotional … Continue reading

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The Effect of Cosmic Particle Collisions

How many with holding views of Climate Change have ever considered Earth’s place in the cosmos and it’s affects created from cosmic particle collisions from space? So this post is to help illuminate the subject a bit with past information … Continue reading

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Discovering the Quantum Universe

Credit: Jean-Francois Colonna Superstrings: A computer’s graphical representation of multi-dimensional spacetime —————————————————– Right now is a time of radical change in particle physics. Recent experimental evidence demands a revolutionary new vision of the universe. Discoveries are at hand that will … Continue reading

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The Cosmic Connection to Climate

Cars and industrial activity contribute to the 7 gigatons of carbon dioxide released each year into the atmosphere.Credits: EuroNews Some thoughts about this were being contemplates as I was slowly awaking this morning. I was actually thinking of one more … Continue reading

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What is Cerenkov Radiation?

…the creative principle resides in mathematics. In a certain sense therefore, I hold it true that pure thought can grasp reality, as the ancients dreamed.Albert Einstein Many do not recognize the process that unfolds in the developing perspectives about theoretics? … Continue reading

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SOLAR B and Van Ellen Belts

SCIENCE GOALS OF SOLAR-B To determine the mechanisms responsible for heating the corona in active regions and the quiet Sun. There are of course reasons why you want to keep these perspectives together. While I have been extolling the virtues … Continue reading

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A Philosophical Juggernaut

GRACE is the first ESSP mission. It will obtain the most precise measurements of Earth’s gravitational field that have ever been obtained. Improved resolution of the gravity field will lead to important advances in a number of disciplines that study … Continue reading

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