The State of Fear

It is one of those things I guess,  as you get older you completely forget part of one’s thinking process that was started,  and never really went anywhere. Until that is, it is “awakened again” for introspection.

So if you find similarities to other bloggers and the title of this blog to theirs it is because four years ago I had started the thought process below in regards to climate change. I had created this blog called, “The State of Fear” in concert with reading the book, The State of Fear by Michael Crichton.

                                                                                                                       Adult mountain pine beetle,
                                                                                                                       Dendroctonus ponderosae

Some quotes from it were correlations in my mind about points made in context of the fiction that were relevant to me about where I lived and what was happening to the forests around me.

“I’m glad you do,” Bradley said, gesturing for the kids to put their hands down. The only person talking today would be Ted Bradley. “But you may not know that global warming is going to cause a very sudden shift in our climate. Maybe just a few months or years, and it will suddenly be much hotter or much colder. And there will be hordes of insects and diseases that will take down wonderful trees.”
“What kind of insects?” one kid asked.
“Bad ones,” Bradley said. “The ones that eat trees, that worm inside them and chew them up.” He wiggled his hands, suggesting the worming in progress.
“It would take a insect a long time to eat a whole tree,” a girl offered.
“No it wouldn’t!” Bradley said. “That’s the trouble. Because warming means lots and lots of insects will come-a plague of insects-and they’ll eat the trees fast!”

Page 402 of, The State of Fear by Michael Crichton

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Ecology of Thought

Now we have stocked in our wood shed the effects of this devastation that has run through our forests. I again have to interject not only with a scientific understanding but of one that emotively draws my attention to the “source of income” that has provided for the growth of my family, and the trees that support me today.

“I do not think anything, young man. I know. That is the purpose of my research – to know things, not to surmise them. Not to theorize. Not to hypothesize. But to know from direct research in the field. It’s a lost art in academia these days, young man-you are not that young- what is your name anyway?”
“Peter Evans.”
“And you work for Drake Mr. Evan?”
“No, for George Morton.”
“Well, why didn’t you say so!” Hoffman said. “George Morton was a great, great man. Come along Mr. Evans, and I will buy you some coffee and we can talk. Do you know what I do?”
“ I’m afraid I don’t, sir.”
“I study the ecology of thought,” Hoffman said. “and how it has led to a State of Fear.”

Michael Crichton, State of Fear, page 450


Now I have not spoken of what comes to past, as it may seem that prophecy has a way about it hidden in the fiction. To have been given the understanding that “prior knowledge” provides the thinking palate for what can come tomorrow in science, does not explain how is it that I could dream of this happening one day too, to see what I had envision long before. My wanting to save the forest perhaps.

Imagine a Genus 1 figured Tree , and it would not have been to unlikely that such vibrating could have amounted to “a signature” for the beetle to have it’s dislikes( also patterned) motivating them to leave? But I think this now in retrospect of what was happening at the time in my dream and wonder about what evolves in terms of what came into expression(false vacuum to true) houses a description of the beetle somewhere in the valley of a vast theoretic expression.

So, I had a solution for this devastation that does not fit with the normal thinking, so I’ll leave this alone too, because it would not be a satisfactory explanation to what the scientific process would be called as credible. You see I cared about what we were taking from the forest and I thought to explore avenues to provide for better growing seedlings, that replanting could immediately produce superior seedlings, hence a faster regrowth in areas to be replanted.

No one I think is better then nature to say what shall be and what shall not, but looking into the environment of what grows where and what soils are like, I couldn’t help but think of what I could do to help give back to what we took out of the forests.

So how could I help Silviculture? By designing a better and stronger tree? No, again the perfect remedy is in what nature has provided.


In nature it is the cold, that has to be colder then, for an extended period in order to cut through the bark these bugs inject Blue Stain Fungi into the outer ring of the wood.  So nature by process of the beetle has left it’s mark in what is called a “blue wood.”

Natures past practise was to burn,  and in the forest, what quickly burns also returns to the previous states that existed long before we came along. This is the way of it as it had been in the past,  but today, we are very watchful of our forests and what can wipe out towns and cities very quickly if we left this unchecked.

So I have to apologize for my forgetfulness as to what was started before.

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