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SNOLAB Grand Opening

Dialogos of Eide

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A Blue Flash in Ice

Little is known about the ultra high-energy cosmic rays that regularly penetrate the atmosphere. Recent IceCube research rules out the leading theory that they come from gamma ray bursts. (Credit: NSF/J. Yang) Future directions  The lack of observation of neutrinos … Continue reading

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A Message from the Past?

The ATLAS Experiment offers the exciting possibility to study them in the lab (if they exist). The simulated collision event shown is viewed along the beampipe. The event is one in which a microscopic-black-hole was produced in the collision of … Continue reading

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Message Sent Through Rock Via Neutrino Beam

See:Cern Courier:The right spin for a neutrino superfluid If like myself you are watching the history of communication,  it becomes important to understand the advances we have on the horizon for when we are looking across the expanse of space … Continue reading

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Daya Bay

The Daya Bay site in southern China. Image: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory An international collaboration of physicists working on a neutrino experiment in southern China announced today they have made a difficult measurement scientists have been chasing for more than a … Continue reading

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XKCD Significant-Speed of Light Issue?

You got to love it when correlations can be made, and a thank you to the ICECUBE Blog If the histograms and data are exactly right, the paper quotes a one-in-ten-thousand (0.0001) chance that this bump is a fluke. That’s … Continue reading

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Home Site Located in Title A European Network For Astroparticle Physics in Europe ASPERA is a network of national government agencies responsible for coordinating and funding national research efforts in Astroparticle Physics Hunting neutrinos… The IceCube experiment *** See Also: … Continue reading

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Proton Collision ->Decay to Muons and Muon Neutrinos ->Tau Neutrino ->

…..tau lepton may travel some tens of microns before decaying back into neutrino and charged tracks  Before I comment on the result, let me give you a little background on the whole thing. Opera is a very innovative concept in … Continue reading

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Cherenkov radiation

Taking the formalisms of electromagnetic radiation and supposing a tachyon had an electric charge—as there is no reason to suppose a priori that tachyons must be either neutral or charged—then a charged tachyon must lose energy as Cherenkov radiation[15]—just as … Continue reading

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P.I. Chats: Faster-than-light neutrinos?

Measurements by GPS confirm that the neutrinos identified by the Super-Kamiokande detector were indeed produced on the east coast of Japan. The physicists therefore estimate that the results obtained point to a 99.3% probability that electron neutrino appearance was detected.Neutrino … Continue reading

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