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Muon Tomography (cont)

It is the case of an article on Muon Tomography, titled New Muon Detector Could Find Hidden Nukes. The article appeared a few days ago on Wired. It is centered on Lisa Grossman’s interview to Marcus Hohlmann, a colleague from … Continue reading

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Sarah Parcak: Archeology from space and more

 Sarah Parcak: Archeology from space  Sarah Parcak is an archaeologist and Egyptologist, and specializes in making the invisible past visible using 21st-century satellite technology. She co-directs the Survey and Excavation Projects in the Fayoum, Sinai, and Egypt’s East Delta with … Continue reading

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Volcano and Aurora

Volcano and Aurora in Iceland Image Credit & Copyright: Sigurdur H. Stefnisson Explanation: Sometimes both heaven and Earth erupt. In Iceland in 1991, the volcano Hekla erupted at the same time that auroras were visible overhead. Hekla, one of the … Continue reading

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Message Sent Through Rock Via Neutrino Beam

See:Cern Courier:The right spin for a neutrino superfluid If like myself you are watching the history of communication,  it becomes important to understand the advances we have on the horizon for when we are looking across the expanse of space … Continue reading

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Relativistic Time Dilation in Muon Decay

According to Einstein’s special theory of relativity, a clock moving at a significant fraction of the speed of light with respect to an observer runs more slowly than the observer’s own clock. This implies that time must be flowing more … Continue reading

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Muons reveal the interior of volcanoes

The location of the muon detector on the slopes of the Vesuvius volcano. Like X-ray scans of the human body, muon radiography allows researchers to obtain an image of the internal structures of the upper levels of volcanoes. Although such … Continue reading

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