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The Photon and Emergence

Consciousness Emerges From Light  Interesting thoughts being expounded by Arthur Young As a materialist, could you say that such a thing could action traveling in a space between…..the photon shot… visualize the spirit of something in comparison “to the … Continue reading

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Thomas Young: Deep PLay

A final aspect of beauty that was often cited by readers might be called “deep play”. This is the sense that we are actively engaged with something outside ourselves that is responding to us – rather than watching a game … Continue reading

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Symmetries Can be Chaotically Complex

Imagine in an “action of a kind” you start off from one place. A photon travelling through a slit of Thomas Young’s, to get through “a world” to the other side. Sounds like some fairy tale doesn’t it? Yet, “the … Continue reading

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Alice and the Cosmic Ballet, Now Meet Higgins

As Alice learned, it’s not always clear what’s a looking glass, and what’s a window to another world. Mirrors and windows are often interchangeable: we look out into the world, and see ourselves reflected back. We look at a reflection, … Continue reading

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Venn Logic and TA

I always lke to inject a piece of my young child’s perspective, becuase it helps explain things a bit about “the neighborshood.” As we move through them. He asked me about the neighborhood that we were moving too, as if, … Continue reading

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Alice in Wonderland: A Real World Fantasy?

Before this post begins, it is important to understand that the expose of thoughts in regards to what myth created could have amounted to some journey of the photon understand that the chaotic feature of loose lips could sink ships, … Continue reading

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John Venn

The early historical work can be derived from personages. Helps sometimes to illucidate the avenue and abtractions that seem only fitted for the abstract mind? Do people like to deal with such issues? I am finding that as I am … Continue reading

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