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Majorana Particles in Computation

An artist’s conception of the Majorana – a previously elusive subatomic particle whose existence has never been confirmed – until now. Dutch nano-scientists at the technological universities of Delft and Eindhoven, say they have found evidence of the particle. To … Continue reading

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Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the OPERA detector

Scanning results tau decays New results from OPERA on neutrino propertieslive from Main Amphitheatre. “This result comes as a complete surprise,” said OPERA spokesperson, Antonio Ereditato of the University of Bern. “After many months of studies and cross checks we … Continue reading

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Dark Matter

(Click on Image) Friedman Equation What is pdensity. What are the three models of geometry? k=-1, K=0, k+1 Negative curvature Omega=the actual density to the critical densityIf we triangulate Omega, the universe in which we are in, Omegam(mass)+ Omega(a vacuum), … Continue reading

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Lighting up the dark universe

The CHASE detector. The end of the magnet (orange) can be seen on the right. Exploring our dark universe is often the domain of extreme physics. Traces of dark matter particles are searched for by huge neutrino telescopes located underwater … Continue reading

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Sounding off on Economic Constraints in Experimentation

I mean most understand that the economic spending “is the choice” as to whether an area of research will be continued to be funded or not, according to the direction that research council choose. Limited resources according to the times? … Continue reading

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SuperCDMS An Improvement on Detection

So far no WIMP interaction has been observed, so the sensitivity needs to be improved further. This will be achieved by increasing the total detector mass (and with this the probability that a WIMP interacts in the detector) and at … Continue reading

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Sounding Off on the Dark Matter Issue

Fermilab If dark matter can pull gravitationally, it has mass So here is an article of 2006 with some interesting information. Now these experimental procedures are always interesting to me because of the type of detectors that were dreamt up … Continue reading

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