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Noncommutative standard model

In theoretical particle physics, the non-commutative Standard Model, mainly due to the French mathematician Alain Connes, uses his noncommutative geometry to devise an extension of the Standard Model to include a modified form of general relativity. This unification implies a … Continue reading

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Loci: A Gallery of Ray Tracing for Geometers

The crystalline state is the simplest known example of a quantum , a stable state of matter whose generic low-energy properties are determined by a higher organizing principle and nothing else. Robert Laughlin Figure 10 with linked animation: Five-fold rotational … Continue reading

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The Body Canvas

Let no one destitute of geometry enter my doors.” Who would have known about the distinction I had thought only myself could bare the artistic rendition of a thought processes that had unfurled in my own expressive way many others … Continue reading

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Descriptive geometry

At this point in the development, although geometry provided a common framework for all the forces, there was still no way to complete the unification by combining quantum theory and general relativity. Since quantum theory deals with the very small … Continue reading

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Projective Geometries

A theorem which is valid for a geometry in this sequence is automatically valid for the ones that follow. The theorems of projective geometry are automatically valid theorems of Euclidean geometry. We say that topological geometry is more abstract than … Continue reading

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Gino Fano

Gino Fano (5 January 1871 – 8 November 1952) was an Italian mathematician. He was born in Mantua, Italy and died in Verona, Italy. Fano worked on projective and algebraic geometry; the Fano plane and Fano varieties are named for … Continue reading

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Great Pyramid was built inside out, Frenchman says

Man ponders shadow, or shadow ponders itself? Great Pyramid of Giza was the world’s tallest building from c. 2570 BC to c. 1300 AD.† For me, this has always been somewhat of an interest of mine. I’ll tell a little … Continue reading

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Pasquale Del Pezzo and E8 Origination?

“I’m a Platonist — a follower of Plato — who believes that one didn’t invent these sorts of things, that one discovers them. In a sense, all these mathematical facts are right there waiting to be discovered.“Donald (H. S. M.) … Continue reading

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Coxeter and Plato’s Cave

IN Beyond the Dance of the Sun I give an image of Plato’s Cave for consideration, about dimensinal perspectve. This is not only held in my mind in terms of what free people are chained in their perspectives, but I … Continue reading

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Krauss Speaks, People React? :)

We understand that Alice is just part of the developing perspective we have about interactions? THis is consistant with Glast, as well as any calormetrical understanding, from an interaction? That we had not explain the extra energy should still be … Continue reading

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