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Aerogels and Stardust

IN a previous post on “Stardust,” I was enamoured with “the product,” that could do all the things that it said it could do. -It is 99.8% Air -Provides 39 times more insulating than the best fiberglass insulation -Is 1,000 … Continue reading

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Now, here is a SuperNova for Real

The Crab Nebula from VLT Credit: FORS Team, 8.2-meter VLT, ESO Now the “ultimate proof” is to hold in our hands the matters defined by objects. This is the culmination of all dimensional perspectives, being “condensed to the moment” we … Continue reading

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Are We Made of Stardust?

IN context of the cyclical nature of this universe, it is behooving to us to ask the question about what exactly that “stardust” is made up of. So we had some inkling for us lay people as to what had … Continue reading

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Radius of the Universe

HUBBLE DIAGRAM AND ITS CONSTRAINTS ON COSMOLOGYBradley Schaefer A Hubble Diagram is presented based on 172 distance measures involving 52 Gamma-Ray Bursts out to redshifts of 6.3. The observed shape of the Hubble Diagram is a measure of the expansion … Continue reading

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