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Craftsman of Plato

Time is of your own making; its clock ticks in your head. The moment you stop thought time too stops dead. Angelus Silesius See Status of Warp Drive Smolin had some deep questions and relevance “about” time? 🙂 Some “updates” … Continue reading

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Whose who, in the School of Athens

I was over visiting Clifford’s blog called Asymptotia this morning and notice a blog entry called, Heretics of Alexandria. Of course, what first came to mind is the “Library of Alexandria.” Clifford writes and paraphrases: This full length drama, set … Continue reading

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Johannes Kepler: The Birth of the Universe

I measured the skies, now the shadows I measure,Sky-bound was the mind, earth-bound the body rests Kepler’s epitaph for his own tombstone I always like to go back as well and learn the historical, for it seems to pave the … Continue reading

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Against Symmetry

The term “symmetry” derives from the Greek words sun (meaning ‘with’ or ‘together’) and metron (‘measure’), yielding summetria, and originally indicated a relation of commensurability (such is the meaning codified in Euclid’s Elements for example). It quickly acquired a further, … Continue reading

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What I wanted to Portray in Aristotle and Plato?

On my site you will see that they work together but from different perspectives. Look at the hand gestures… Plato – holding the Timaeus – Pointing up as a sign of his metaphysical belief in the higher world of the … Continue reading

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If it’s Not a Soccer Ball, What is it?

Timaeus concludes And so now we may say that our account of the universe has reached its conclusion. This world of ours has received and teems with living things, mortal and immortal. A visible living thing containing visible things, and … Continue reading

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Plato and Aristotle

Plato – holding the Timaeus – Pointing up as a sign of his metaphysical belief in the higher world of the forms, shown with the face of Leonardo. Aristotle – holding his Ethics with hand palm down, reflecting a more … Continue reading

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Timaeus:Laying the Ground rules on Genesis

You all know that you each have a respective hand on the elephant, and thsoe who would contribute their qunatum mathematics are new comers to what had already existed. As the craftsman Plato, I created the elephant in the thought … Continue reading

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Objective Truth?

Mark: you can tell has a real thirst to get her mind around the issues, and who isn’t looking for a sound bite to take the place of a complicated story There is no doubt in my mind that KC … Continue reading

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