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Computational Dilemma

Riemannian Geometry, also known as elliptical geometry, is the geometry of the surface of a sphere. It replaces Euclid’s Parallel Postulate with, “Through any point in the plane, there exists no line parallel to a given line.” A line in … Continue reading

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Illusions of Grandeur?

Illusions of Gravity Three spatial dimensions are visible all around us–up/down, left/right, forward/backward. Add time to the mix, and the result is a four-dimensional blending of space and time known as spacetime. Thus, we live in a four-dimensional universe. Or … Continue reading

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Jets in a Medium

[Picture credit: Thorsten Renk, Slide 17 of this presentention] Centrality Dependance See: AdS/CFT confronts data Dialogos of Eide

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Plato’s Cave(Animated Version)

*** Hyperreality is used in semiotics and postmodern philosophy to describe a hypothetical inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from fantasy, especially in technologically advanced postmodern cultures. Hyperreality is a means to characterize the way consciousness defines what is actually … Continue reading

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A Holograpical Universe

Plato likened our view of the world to that of an ancient forebear watching shadows meander across a dimly lit cave wall. He imagined our perceptions to be but a faint inkling of a far richer reality that flickers beyond … Continue reading

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A Conformal Field Theory Approach?

Using the anti–de Sitter/conformal field theory correspondence to relate fermionic quantum critical fields to a gravitational problem, we computed the spectral functions of fermions in the field theory. By increasing the fermion density away from the relativistic quantum critical point, … Continue reading

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Article From New York Times and More

Brookhaven National Laboratory HOT A computer rendition of 4-trillion-degree Celsius quark-gluon plasma created in a demonstration of what scientists suspect shaped cosmic history. In Brookhaven Collider, Scientists Briefly Break a Law of Nature The Brookhaven scientists and their colleagues discussed … Continue reading

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Macroscopic Similarities in a Microscopic World

Berkeley Lab Technology Dramatically Speeds Up Searches of Large DatabasesJon Bashor In the world of physics, one of the most elusive events is the creation and detection of “quark-gluon plasma,” the theorized atomic outcome of the “Big Bang” which could … Continue reading

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A generalization of a voxel is the doxel, or dynamic voxel. This is used in the case of a 4D dataset, for example, an image sequence that represents 3D space together with another dimension such as time. In this way, … Continue reading

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Intersection of D Branes

I’m not going to try and kid you with “this stuff,” as it is extremely beyond anything that any of us mere mortal can understand. So, if such a thought would be to simplify, then how would such thinking be … Continue reading

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