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Mysterious Behavior of Neutrinos sent Straight through the Earth

This rendering depicts the future NOvA detector facility on the property. Rendering by Holabird & Root. The NOνA experiment, a collaboration of over 180 scientists from some 28 institutions, will be the world’s most advanced neutrino experiment. NOvA physicists will … Continue reading

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Galactic Neutrino Communications

Galactic Neutrino Communication by John G. Learned, Sandip Pakvasa, A. Zee We examine the possibility to employ neutrinos to communicate within the galaxy. We discuss various issues associated with transmission and reception, and suggest that the resonant neutrino energy near … Continue reading

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The Blogging Experience

Making “Hard copies” is always nice 🙂 I have spent roughly two years devoted to using the blogger format to bring information together and have shared some of the research I had been doing . Bring perspective to areas that … Continue reading

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All Particles of the Standard Model and Beyond

Polchinski Elected Member Of National Academy of Sciences Polchinski’s discovery of D-branes and their properties is, according to the Academy citation, “one of the most important insights in 30 years of work on string theory.” Can I tell a little … Continue reading

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