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Spherical Cows

Cartoon Model of a SNR(Supernova Remnants) When scientists refer to a spherical cow, we are poking fun at ourselves. We are admitting that some of our models or descriptions of things are far more simple than the actual object, like … Continue reading

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The Perfect Sphere

Before I begin I had to mention the following two entries below that I wanted to do but was short on time. This recording was produced by converting into audible sounds some of the radar echoes received by Huygens during … Continue reading

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Central Theme is the Sun

A lot of times people do not understand the effects something can have and after we see these effects, we wonder how did we ever miss the importance of what layed underneath this process in Physics. Richard Feynman-Dancing With Neutrinos-Nova … Continue reading

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SOLAR B and Van Ellen Belts

SCIENCE GOALS OF SOLAR-B To determine the mechanisms responsible for heating the corona in active regions and the quiet Sun. There are of course reasons why you want to keep these perspectives together. While I have been extolling the virtues … Continue reading

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THEMIS’s ground network of all sky imagers will have the density and time resolution to detect auroral onset within 10s and 0.5 degrees of longitude. The University of Calgary will deploy 16 imagers across Canada, combined with imagers in Alaska … Continue reading

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