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Intent in the Actualized

 Remembering Return to Home,Safety seeking,In my mind,Continually speaking Out of the sky,Eyes Earthbound,Stalagmite in open cavern,Fertile lands all around. The era of design,Like a Justice Hall,Women in bonnets,Mennonite clothes, In the Town of Williams,Some time ago,In the late eighteen hundreds,Scenery … Continue reading

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The Synaptic World of Experience and Knowledge

 It is important that people realize that as much as topological seasoning is added to the world by myself,  I see ourselves intrinsically linked to the inductive/deductive process. It is as if the tail of each is linked as a … Continue reading

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Setting Time Aright

Time has no independent existence apart from the order of events by which we measure it. — Albert Einstein While Event has since past, I hope the lecture itself will remain in public domain. It helps so as to see … Continue reading

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Time Dilation

……. is a phenomenon (or two phenomena, as mentioned below) described by the theory of relativity. It can be illustrated by supposing that two observers are in motion relative to each other, or differently situated with regard to nearby gravitational … Continue reading

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The Moon‘s cosmic ray shadow, as seen in secondary muons generated by cosmic rays in the atmosphere, and detected 700 meters below ground, at the Soudan II detector. Composition: Elementary particle Particle statistics: Fermionic Group: Lepton Generation: Second Interaction: Gravity, … Continue reading

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The Toposense of Spacetime

Topo-Greek, from topos, place. Basic Examples In the early 1960s Grothendieck chose the Greek word topos (which means “place”) to denote a mathematical object that would provide a general framework for his theory of étale cohomology and other variants related … Continue reading

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Graviton in a Can?

After you consume “graviton in a can,” you might never be the same? Brane thinking may then dominate your every view of the world. Then, it will all make sense? Imagine while we peer deeper into the subject of the … Continue reading

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