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Interstellar Preview Trailer

See : Interstellar – Trailer – Official Warner Bros. UK    *** See also: Interstellar: Traversing the Wormhole Entanglement = Wormholes Wormhole Dialogos of Eide

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Interstellar: Traversing the Wormhole

The story has a premise with which to share an idea and if it is intriguing to the average mind, then how much more so when a scientist entertains it? He or she might even propose a way in which … Continue reading

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Entanglement and the Geometry of Spacetime

Theorists have forged a connection between wormholes in spacetime (above) and a quantum phenomenon called entanglement. But how big an insight is this? It depends on whom you ask. Susskind and Maldacena note that in both papers, the original quantum … Continue reading

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Cool horizons for entangled black holes

Schwarzschild wormholes General relativity contains solutions in which two distant black holes are connected through the interior via a wormhole, or Einstein-Rosen bridge. These solutions can be interpreted as maximally entangled states of two black holes that form a complex … Continue reading

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Science Deals with the Intangible

  Alexander discusses his experience on the Science channel’s ‘Through the Wormhole.’   I have been reading different perspectives about an experience Dr. Eben Alexander had and is written in Newsweek called.”Heaven Is Real: A Doctor’s Experience With the Afterlife.” I … Continue reading

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Intent in the Actualized

 Remembering Return to Home,Safety seeking,In my mind,Continually speaking Out of the sky,Eyes Earthbound,Stalagmite in open cavern,Fertile lands all around. The era of design,Like a Justice Hall,Women in bonnets,Mennonite clothes, In the Town of Williams,Some time ago,In the late eighteen hundreds,Scenery … Continue reading

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Space Travel and Propulsion Methods

As a layman, my interest has been mainly focused on gravity and a means to defy it. How one can see in different ways. The Lagrange Points In the above contour plot we see that L4 and L5 correspond to … Continue reading

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Time is Like a River

How can a speck of a universe be physically identical to the great expanse we view in the heavens above? (Greene, The Elegant Universe, pages 248-249) As Alice learned, it’s not always clear what’s a looking glass, and what’s a … Continue reading

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