Time is Like a River

How can a speck of a universe be physically identical to the great expanse we view in the heavens above? (Greene, The Elegant Universe, pages 248-249)

As Alice learned, it’s not always clear what’s a looking glass, and what’s a window to another world. Mirrors and windows are often interchangeable: we look out into the world, and see ourselves reflected back. We look at a reflection, and believe it’s showing us a world beyond. We internalize the mirror image and project the one inside. Objects, actions and ideas can become so confused with their reflections that it’s impossible to untangle them. What’s phantom and what’s real? Is there even a relevant difference?

It is necessary that one see the very action of “reflection and memory” on our behalf as a continuance of the interplay between our environment and ourselves. Where “attention and awareness constantly brings us back to the waking reality around us.”

I needed some geometrical(topological) way for this continuance of motion, while giving examples of what happens in our universe, as it it expressed itself in that moment of creation. That we may say that while so macroscopically large there exists within us in the nature of the microscopic, the very blueprints of this same creation.

Now, please spare me the nonsense of Intelligent design and the creation principle that all have argued time and time again. I do not take to those aspects of the debate, whilst I fumble amongst my own illusions, to make sense of what can happen in my own experience.

Yes, Skeptically this is of no value to you as you read this, as it is a measure against the back drops of science. But there is something that must be said about what we are all are capable of.

“The worst disease afflicting human kind is hardening of the categories.” – Artist Bob Miller.

They had to be some overriding principle that has evaded our attention when it comes to what is possible and what is not. That I shall choose “time is like a river” does not discount that the river shall have it’s eddies and pools for consideration that while in the flow of the process of this unfolding of our own “psychological natures” there is a history to each of us that is beyond the measure of this life?

The Super Hero Versions

Miracles StudiosThrone Plates

To activate Thorne plates, the distance between each plate must be less than the width of an atom. The resulting wormhole will be equally small, so getting in and out might be difficult. To widen the portal, some scientists suggest using a laser to inject immense amounts of negative energy. In addition, Thorne believes that radiation effects created by gravitons, or particles of gravity, might fry you as you enter the wormhole. According to string theory, however, this probably won’t happen, so it’s scant reason to cancel your trip.

Miracles StudiosGott Loop

To take you back one year, the string must weigh about half as much as the Milky Way galaxy. You’ll need a mighty big spaceship to make that rectangle.

Many scientists believe the big bang that created the universe left behind cosmic strings – thin, infinitely long filaments of compressed matter. In 1991, Princeton physicist J. Richard Gott discovered that two of these structures, arranged in parallel and moving in opposite directions, would warp space-time to allow travel to the past. He later reworked the idea to involve a single cosmic-string loop. A Gott loop can take you back in time but not forward. The guide to building your own:

Miracles StudiosGott Shell

This is a relatively slow method of time travel, and life inside the shell could become tedious.

In essence, a Gott shell is a huge concentration of mass. The shell’s sheer density creates a gravitational field that slows down the clock for anyone enclosed within it. Outside, time rolls along at its familiar pace, but inside, it creeps. Thus the Gott shell is useful for travel into the future only. If you’re planning a jaunt to the past using a Gott loop, you might want to bring along a Gott shell for the return trip. What to do, step by step:

Miracles StudiosVan Stokum Cylinder

The cylinder must be infinitely long, which could add slightly to its cost.

Mass and energy act on space-time like a rock thrown into a pond: the bigger the rock, the bigger the ripples. Physicist W. J. van Stockum realized in 1937 that an immense cylinder spinning at near-light speed will stir space-time as though it were molasses, pulling it along as the cylinder turns. Although Van Stockum himself didn’t recognize it, anyone orbiting such a cylinder in the direction of the spin will be caught in the current and, from the perspective of a distant observer, exceed the speed of light. The result: Time flows backward. Circle the cylinder in the other direction with just the right trajectory, and this machine can take you into the future as well. How it works:

Kerr Ring

The Kerr ring is a one-way ticket. The black hole’s gravity is so great that, once you step through it, you won’t be able to return.

When Karl Schwarzschild solved Einstein’s equations in 1917, he found that stars can collapse into infinitesimally small points in space – what we now call black holes. Four decades later, physicist Roy Kerr discovered that some stars are saved from total collapse and become rotating rings. Kerr didn’t regard these rings as time machines. However, because their intense gravity distorts space-time, and because they permit large objects to enter on one side and exit on the other in one piece, Kerr-type black holes can serve as portals to the past or the future. If finding one with the proper dimensions is too much trouble, you can always build one yourself:

See:A User’s Guide to Time Travel-Superpower Issue

Just Plain Ole Us

I have always been fascinated by the Time Travel Scenarios.

There is a reason for me to go beyond what we know with regards to the avenues of science in terms of Time Travel. That one could have created a version of a superhero’s ability to make this journey, and somehow, come out on the other side? Wonderful:)

Welcome to the mirror world, in which every particle in the known universe could have a counterpart. This cosmos would hold mirror planets, mirror stars, and even mirror life.

No I do not believe that we can measure what consciousness is able to do in terms of this time travel( unless some artifact could have found it’s place amongst the value of carbon dating to have said, hey, “lets take this television and turn it on.”) So that we may look into the objects very past. I have some ideas about this that I will try and lay out here that has become part of my belief system. People can make of it what they like.

The Complexity of Belief

Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus) (1954)

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, 1st Marquis of Púbol (May 11, 1904 – January 23, 1989), was a Spanish surrealist painter born in Figueres, Catalonia, Spain.

Some try and internalize the basis of reality as having some “point of expression” while they give empathetic meaning to the nature of geometrical forms. That one may of thought of the crystalline nature as an expression of “some other plan”, is of interest to me( not that God created this, but that is part of the genetics of our discovery of self), whether we just talk about the “social aspect of our interactions” or some expression of an geometrical construct being the basis of the universe. I like this phrase of Stephen Hawkings as he enters the Wormhole. He writes,”In the future it is proved that the dynamical evolution of generic initial conditions can never produce a naked singularity.

Image Source: The Universe in a Nutshell, by Stephen Hawking, page 198

It is important to keep perspective on where the fire is. Some may understand this if I was to infer the cave for examination. yet having moved the idea here then to a 2D map of a 5D reality would be part of the plan as I write the Mind map and process of merging two historical points over top of one another.

A tesserack or hypercube is a four dimensional analogue of a cube. See the figure on the left for a 2-D representation of this 4-D object. More information about these can be seen and found. Many people have difficulty believing such can exist which is why such books as Flatland (Abbott, 1884), Sphereland (Burgers, 1983), and Flatterland (Stewart, 2001) were written.

It would be as if “one looked at the cube just the right way,” what they saw of the cube could be turned into the hypercube, and from this, this inference of the multiplicity of probabilities. This again points to what I see of the Pyramid and what enters from “such a location as the pebble” could have housed all possibilities, and yet, any soul would have found itself following an “arrow of time,” and if able too, and done in just that same way, bring into the line the ability of continuity to be induced as a flow.


Alice and the Cosmic Ballet, Now Meet Higgins
Abraham Maslow and Peak Experience

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