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Being Able to See

How does one turn on the internal vision when we use our eyes to look at the day to day happenings with eyes wide open? What made this interesting for me was the fact that sensory examination could have been … Continue reading

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A Synesthetes Talk in the Afterlife :)

Looking up a list of who’s who in the Synesthetes world I found it quite interesting. This YouTube Video below was attributed too Maureen Seaberg  When Mayer was seventeen, he was stricken with cardiac dysrhythmia and was hospitalized for a … Continue reading

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The Sound The Universe Makes

As most know who have come to visit here at this Blog site, my fascination with the ways in which “sensationally” and internally one might look at the universe. So of course as long as the science is there in … Continue reading

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Cymatics and the Heart Song

I think one has to wonder with such diversities of souls who have entered this world, such distinctions of being identified as a “emergent product of all souls” might have a distinctive element with which lives could have been choreographed. … Continue reading

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New Synesthete Character on Heroes

For example, in 1704 Sir Isaac Newton struggled to devise mathematical formulas to equate the vibrational frequency of sound waves with a corresponding wavelength of light. He failed to find his hoped-for translation algorithm, but the idea of correspondence took … Continue reading

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"Bag Model," for the Economy

“In this edition, as a fifth appendix, a presentation of my views on the problem of space in general and the gradual modifications of our ideas on space resulting from the influence of the relativistic view-point. I wished to show … Continue reading

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Awareness of the Conditioned Response

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Inside Out

3.1 As Cytowic notes, Plato and Socrates viewed emotion and reason as in a kind of struggle, one in which it was vitally important for reason to win out. Aristotle took a more moderate view, that both emotion and reason … Continue reading

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The Other Side of the Coin

Susan Holmes– Statistician Persi Diaconis’ mechanical coin flipper. In football’s inaugural kickoff coin toss, the coin is not caught but allowed to bounce on the ground. That introduces an extra complication, one mathematicians have yet to sort out. Persi Diaconis … Continue reading

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The Ring of Truth

Savas Dimopoulos:Here’s an analogy to understand this: imagine that our universe is a two-dimensional pool table, which you look down on from the third spatial dimension. When the billiard balls collide on the table, they scatter into new trajectories across … Continue reading

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