New Synesthete Character on Heroes

For example, in 1704 Sir Isaac Newton struggled to devise mathematical formulas to equate the vibrational frequency of sound waves with a corresponding wavelength of light. He failed to find his hoped-for translation algorithm, but the idea of correspondence took root, and the first practical application of it appears to be the clavecin oculaire, an instrument that played sound and light simultaneously. It was invented in 1725. Charles Darwin’s grandfather, Erasmus, achieved the same effect with a harpsichord and lanterns in 1790, although many others were built in the intervening years, on the same principle, where by a keyboard controlled mechanical shutters from behind which colored lights shine. By 1810 even Goethe was expounding correspondences between color and other senses in his book, Theory of Color. Pg 53, The Man Who Tasted Shapes, by Richard E. Cytowic, M.D.

I had been searching for the latest TV Show on Heroes.

I finally came across somebody who pretty well sees it the way Synesthesis  does?  A fictional TV show cut forYoutube which provided for reference below which was what I was looking for.

Now the followers of this blog must know by now, that I see the “Colour of Gravity” as a link between what can conceptually transpire when the photon is travelling through, or “showing itself” in a gravitational field.

Now, what is right scientifically on this, that what we can say of theoretics which has combined electromagnetism with gravity, is to reveal “a colourful gravitational history” in this way? It brought to mind a dream I had of Einstein stirring a glass container of juice with ice in it. In my cognisance of how sound would reveal and be indicative of gravity speaking, I look to see what Einstein meant by display.

This was triggered I believe by  Joseph Weber’s research into the aluminum bars detectors for gravitational wave detection.

Gravitational Wave Detectors are Best Described as “Sounds.”


Weber developed an experiment using a large suspended bar of aluminum, with a high resonant Q at a frequency of about 1 kH; the oscillation of the bar after it had been excited could be measured by a series of piezoelectric crystals mounted on it. The output of the system was put on a chart recorder like those used to record earthquakes. Weber studied the excursions of the pen to look for the occasional tone of a gravitational wave passing through the bar…

Some might not understand the history to which I had devoted to building and understanding the emotive qualities combined with the intellectual. Which lead to seeing dynamical movement between the inner and outer world with respect to the state of mind at any given time. There have always been attempts on my part to describe this motion, not just on the psychological level, but on what also transpires emotively while the emotive state is being expressed.

I cannot say I am a Synesthesis by the 61 definitions given by Sean Day. So in the truest sense, I am not by that definition one. But conceptually linking and intertwining sound and colour with the physiological and the psychological, it was important by that definition be given, what colourful state the mind can be in.

Albert Einstein’s perception of time and beauty seemed relevant to me about the quality given in measure, but by this perspective I am sure that is not what Einstein wanted to give meaning too, while thinking of the curvature of space and time.

This then is based on a perspective I have formed around gravity. What attach itself to all of us, whether we see the colours or not by consequence. This is an evolutionary form in my mind of what the soul can gain and loose by recognizing the colourful state of mind at any given time, and how it harbours colour in the truest sense as an expression of that being.

To be left with “no physical form” a mode of being becomes a retention of the abstract thinking mind, sets a tone in my mind for what is to come home to roost.

That we exist then mentally in that very realm, means to learn to recognize the pain and the “duration of time” we associated with those given memories. Upon reflection, we learn something then about the way we relate to the world and people around us which allows us to project “forward future consequences” intellectually bound by creative advances in language construction advancements of “creating in the mental world.”

IN the most purest sense then, all combined is the birthing to segregation of sensory abilities according to “cabinets of perspective” that are arranged according to the principals of how we will interact in this community. This by arrangement, on entering materiality.

See:Emotion and Reason Balanced: The Mind’s Consequence?

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