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A Point in Space

For Newton the universe lived in an infinite and featureless space.There was no boundary, ad no possibility of conceiving anything outside of it. This was no problem for God, as he was everywhere. For Newton, space was the “sensorium” of … Continue reading

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Sacks Spiral

Dyson, one of the most highly-regarded scientists of his time, poignantly informed the young man that his findings into the distribution of prime numbers corresponded with the spacing and distribution of energy levels of a higher-ordered quantum state. Mathematics Problem … Continue reading

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Foundational Issues

Mathematics Problem That Remains Elusive — And Beautiful By Raymond Petersen Dyson, one of the most highly-regarded scientists of his time, poignantly informed the young man that his findings into the distribution of prime numbers corresponded with the spacing and … Continue reading

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The Geologist and the Mathematician

In an ordinary 2-sphere, any loop can be continuously tightened to a point on the surface. Does this condition characterize the 2-sphere? The answer is yes, and it has been known for a long time. The Poincaré conjecture asks the … Continue reading

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Mind Maps: Mathematical Structures?

<a href="; target=_BLank title="The Platonic doctrine of recollection is the idea that we are born possessing all knowledge and our realization of that knowledge is contingent on our discovery of it. Whether the doctrine should be taken literally or not … Continue reading

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The Founder of Probabilty Theory?

I want to understand what makes the world tick. Einstein said he wanted to know what was on God’s mind when he made the world. I don’t think he was a religious man, but I know what he means.Lenny Susskind … Continue reading

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Euler’s Konigsberg’s Bridges Problem

“Liesez Euler, Liesez Euler, c’est notre maître à tous”(“Read Euler, read Euler, he is our master in everything”) – Laplace I should say here that the post by Guest post: Marni D. Sheppeard, “Is Category Theory Useful ?” over at … Continue reading

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Are there Patterns to Life?

Its grandness, goodness, beauty and perfection are unexcelled. Our one universe, indeed, the only one of its kind, has come to be.Timaeus concludes I was just thinking about the idea of being a mathematical structure, and having been made aware … Continue reading

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Images or Numbers By Themself

“Mathematicians have tried in vain to this day to discover some order in the sequence of prime numbers, and we have reason to believe that it is a mystery into which the mind will never penetrate” (cited by Ivars Peterson … Continue reading

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Symmetries Can be Chaotically Complex

Imagine in an “action of a kind” you start off from one place. A photon travelling through a slit of Thomas Young’s, to get through “a world” to the other side. Sounds like some fairy tale doesn’t it? Yet, “the … Continue reading

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