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Do We Create the Reality by Observing

Anton Zeilinger heads up the IQOQI lab in Vienna. Photograph by Mark Mahaney. Zeilinger and his group have only just begun to consider the grand implications of all their work for reality and our world. Like others in their field, … Continue reading

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Google Data Center

See inside one of Google’s data centers in this guided tour. See what powers our products, and then explore on your own in Street View: In the early seventies my own Father was a accountant who made use of … Continue reading

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Embodied Cognition and iCub

An iCub robot mounted on a supporting frame. The robot is 104 cm high and weighs around 22 kg An iCub is a 1 metre high humanoid robot testbed for research into human cognition and artificial intelligence. Systems that perceive, … Continue reading

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Hypercomputation or super-Turing computation refers to models of computation that go beyond, or are incomparable to, Turing computability. This includes various hypothetical methods for the computation of non-Turing-computable functions, following super-recursive algorithms (see also supertask). The term “super-Turing computation” appeared … Continue reading

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Do Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer?

Bruce Gilden/Magnum, for The New York Times On Jan. 21, 1993, the television talk-show host Larry King featured an unexpected guest on his program. It was the evening after Inauguration Day in Washington, and the television audience tuned in expecting … Continue reading

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The Last Question by Isaac Asimov

The problem of heat can be a frustrating one if one can contend with the computer chips and how this may of resulted in a reboot of the machine( or it’s death) into a better state of existence then what … Continue reading

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Creating the Perfect Human Being or Maybe…..

….. a Frankenstein?:) Seriously , there are defined differences in the human being versus AI Intelligence. I think people have a tendency to blurr the lines on machinery. This of course required some reading and wiki quotes herein help to … Continue reading

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DNA Computing

DNA computing is a form of computing which uses DNA, biochemistry and molecular biology, instead of the traditional silicon-based computer technologies. DNA computing, or, more generally, molecular computing, is a fast developing interdisciplinary area. Research and development in this area … Continue reading

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Light and Matter United

Murray Gellman: On Plectics It is appropriate that plectics refers to entanglement or the lack thereof, since entanglement is a key feature of the way complexity arises out of simplicity, making our subject worth studying. I was talking about some … Continue reading

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Mersenne Prime: One < the Power of two

It looks as though primes tend to concentrate in certain curves that swoop away to the northwest and southwest, like the curve marked by the blue arrow. (The numbers on that curve are of the form x(x+1) + 41, the … Continue reading

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