Do Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer?

Bruce Gilden/Magnum, for The New York Times

On Jan. 21, 1993, the television talk-show host Larry King featured an unexpected guest on his program. It was the evening after Inauguration Day in Washington, and the television audience tuned in expecting political commentary. But King turned, instead, to a young man from Florida, David Reynard, who had filed a tort claim against the cellphone manufacturer NEC and the carrier GTE Mobilnet, claiming that radiation from their phones caused or accelerated the growth of a brain tumor in his wife. See: Do Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer?

Fidel wrote:

I’m not sure what it has to do with CERN. I believer there are possibilities for quantum and-or computing in general that may emerge as a result of the science produced from CERN.

Quality researchers as Stafford Beer would have been aware of other work in progress so as to fine tuned their own processes. It was off the cuff, and might not mean anything for sure, it’s just something that popped into mind. Mind you,  he might not have been as connected as we are today with research and evidence brought forth.

Cybersyn control room

A “central location” sensitive to the nervous system(control center)? Yes in relation too, “I believe one of the objectives of the Santiago experiment was to prove that something about socialism is possible and which its free market friendly critics still ask today. The biological association is very real and part of the question is  “whether the soul is an active component of the reality of computerized developer as an effective decision making without part of the emotive connection we have as an emphatic quality of being,”  that is ever the strive toward future development of that DNA computerized structure? Memory inducement? Long term “smell” associations? Learning and education?

How is cell phone frequencies affecting the DNA structure? What conclusive proof so that we say greater speeds from fiber optic, while reducing wireless as an affect on sperm? Has a design been implemented as to structure the computer as a architectural structure that is beneficial to humanities goal of society progressing or retrograding with the creation of Frankenstein? Intellectual drones……so many bit constructs, as manufactured by an advanced society? Economically why would anyone have to think economically about it,  so that it can take care of itself?

Towards quantum chemistry on a quantum computer

B. P. Lanyon1,2, J. D. Whitfield4, G. G. Gillett1,2, M. E. Goggin1,5, M. P. Almeida1,2, I. Kassal4, J. D. Biamonte4,6, M. Mohseni4,6, B. J. Powell1,3, M. Barbieri1,2,6, A. Aspuru-Guzik4 & A. G. White1,2


Exact first-principles calculations of molecular properties are currently intractable because their computational cost grows exponentially with both the number of atoms and basis set size. A solution is to move to a radically different model of computing by building a quantum computer, which is a device that uses quantum systems themselves to store and process data. Here we report the application of the latest photonic quantum computer technology to calculate properties of the smallest molecular system: the hydrogen molecule in a minimal basis. We calculate the complete energy spectrum to 20 bits of precision and discuss how the technique can be expanded to solve large-scale chemical problems that lie beyond the reach of modern supercomputers. These results represent an early practical step toward a powerful tool with a broad range of quantum-chemical applications.

Quantum Chlorophyll as a dissipative messenger toward construction of the “emotive system” as a centralized endocrine association of messengers…to activate the real human values of caring?

Photos By: Illustration by Megan Gundrum, fifth-year DAAP student
For decades, farmers have been trying to find ways to get more energy out of the sun.

In natural photosynthesis, plants take in solar energy and carbon dioxide and then convert it to oxygen and sugars. The oxygen is released to the air and the sugars are dispersed throughout the plant — like that sweet corn we look for in the summer. Unfortunately, the allocation of light energy into products we use is not as efficient as we would like. Now engineering researchers at the University of Cincinnati are doing something about that.See:Frogs, Foam and Fuel: UC Researchers Convert Solar Energy to Sugars

Fidel wrote:

How does a socialist economic system provide feedback to central planners concerning demand for goods and services?

As I’ve grown older and watched society in progress it has been of increasing concerned to me that we have lost something in our caring of the whole system, in face of part of that system. Profit orientation has done that when it has come to what we think should happen in regards to privatization and the loss of public accountability with regard to cost of living. Monopolies, and how we don’t recognize them or their affect on the way we live.

I am not well educated, although have watch and been a part of the evolution of the internet as it has come forward in expression so I have learn to use it’s language to help display the things I have learn. Just put it out there. So it is important that what is presented is accurate. So the push for educational facilities to open them self up to the general public to cater not only to its students but to allow the populace to access the same information.

The Manhattan Economic question? What is the best and fairest way in which to design an economic system that takes care of the imbalances that seem to thrive in the present capitalistic system?

The potential for me is to recognize that same population has very bright minds(young and upcoming and the aged 🙂 who are not just part of the educational system but reside quietly in the populace,  unaware as a potential resource, while innovative,  are just happy to share some of their ideas..

Researching amongst reputable scientists has allowed me to access the process of accountability as to the evolution of ideas. The capabilities needed in terms of finalizing the recognition of that creativity that resides in and when society has been taken care of, allows art and science to excel.  The livelihoods can allow that potential as an environment conducive to further evolution of our societies.


We might want to shine a light on it all. 🙂

All of this is a recognition of what must take place not only within our societies as to the questions of being as to what we want built in the substructure(underlying as a unconscious direction of our reality movement in production of being) as a conscious movement toward the development of those same societies. This sense of being personally ad culturallly “project outward.”

If you are not aware of what is the undercurrent of the being as a person….what troubles it as it sleeps,  then what say you about the direction this subconscious minds takes as it display’s it’s warning for you. This dreaming reality predictor of what is to come. Not to take heed of the warning of our culture and the deep seated want for a fairer and just culture. The being,  as to progress the soul’s desire for meaning and expressionism, as to learn and evolve?

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